Desperately seeking…. E Z Haul cart

If anyone comes across this wonderful little cart, PLEASE let me know… mine has just about given up the ghost, and I can’t find them anywhere.  I also have several friends and family who would love one….

They look like this:


They were formerly made by Republic Tool and Manufacturing, which was bought by Scotts.  I have contacted Scotts, and they said the carts went out of production about 10 years ago.  I am writing to Scotts to see if they will consider putting the carts back into production.  Meanwhile, my only hope is to find someplace that still has some sitting in inventory… they fold up and come in a box.

If you would like Scott’s to manufacture them again, write to them at:

Scott’s Help Center

14111 Scottslawn Road

Marysville, OH 43041

You can also write to the division that used to make them:

Attn: Robert Domingez

42375 Remington Ave.

Temecula, CA 92590

(Robert will pass them along to his boss).  Thanks!!

UPDATE – 3-21-10

I sent a letter to Scott’s asking if I can have/purchase the rights to manufacture the cart.  They said they were passing my letter along to their legal department.  I have not heard from them since, and that was several months ago.  I am going to have my attorney sister draft a formal request for the rights to manufacture, hopefully then they will respond.  I’ll keep you posted!


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  1. I have one of the Republic EZ carts also, bought about twelve years ago and still holding up, though I’d welcome a replacement. You’re right–it’s the best cart ever–low enough to load easily, and perfectly balanced. And it cost far less than models now on the market.

    I’ve written to the two addresses you gave, but I have little hope that we’ll get results.

    • I also am a longtime fan of the EZ Cart. I bought mine about 20 years ago but have never been able to find a replacement. About 8 years ago I accidentally ran over it with my car, and when I discovered that there were no replacements, I put it back together with JB Weld and bolts. I would rather have a rather battleworn EZ Cart than a new cart by another manufacturer. I love the perfect balance, the amazing load capacity, and the light, compact size. It truly is the best utility cart around. I would love to see Scott’s put it back in production. I know my neighbors would all buy one since they are always borrowing mine.

    • I’m late getting onto this wagon (so to speak) but I am also a EZ cart by republic, devotee. And I want mine FIXED BEST CART EVER

  2. Yep, me too……I also have one and it is, indeed a great little cart. Mine is about 17 years old and still hanging on but I sure would like to get another one. Sure can’t understand why they quit making them, much better for certain light hauling then the bigger (and far more expensive) ones.

    • I checked out the patent it has expired,they are good for 20 yrs. Also checked with a local plastic manufacture and the estimated cost to get something like it would end up being about $50 per cart with a quanity of 500. Hence retail would be at least double. (uch!) The material and mnf would not be the same at that price. The orginal design materal etc would be very much more unless……you have a China connection. All very disappointing info. My 2 carts are 20 yrs old well used and like everyone elses are showing signs of age. I have never seen anything out there as usefull.

      • Put me down in the EZ-haul fan club. Iam really sorry to hear they are gone. I don’t know how much longer our cart will last but it just keeps going and going and going…

      • I am getting closer to putting these back into production! Stay tuned!

  3. I’ve had my cart for about 16 years. It’s been left out in all kinds of weather and, though a little rusted on the handle, is still the best cart I’ve ever had. Hope they consider making them once more!

  4. Did anyone ever find a source for the EZ Cart? My grandson broke mine yesterday and I cannot find any. I called Scotts but was not given any hope..just said discontinued…If only we had the manufacturing rights and know-how..

    • Hi Iris,
      So far, no luck… I have written to Scott’s several times asking if they are going to re-introduce the cart, and even if they would consider selling me the rights so I can put them back into production. So far, no one has written me back. : ( ~ Aeron

      • Hi, Aeron! Funny that I have run across so many other people on your site who are looking for the same cart I am!! I bought mine for my mom probably about 20 years ago and when she had to go to the nursing home, I got it back. Now, after many years of HARD use, the wheel has broken. Not only can I not find a new cart, but can’t find a wheel that fits it either! This is, by far, the BEST LITTLE CART EVER made and like everyone else states, it was reasonably priced too. Why in the world would they discontinue it?? In the meantime, if anyone knows where I can find replacement wheels, please let me know.

      • I saw your recent post which indicated you are working to get the carts back in production. I just want to ask you to let me know if/when they become available as I will probably get one. (My story/original post to this list was on 7/15/2009 and is still posted and I am still putting the cart to heavy use regularly.

      • I, too would love to have a replacement for my cart…the best one I have ever gardened with. If production begins again put me on the list for one.

      • Put me down to buy at least 1 if they go back into production!

      • Hello Aeronm! Any luck yet on producing the E Z Cart?

      • Working on it!

      • Maybe we should start a petition for Aeron to send to Scott to show how many people LOVE this little CART…

      • I too, would like a new replacement cart (mine died a honorable death many many years ago. So, sign me up ( if they come available again.

  5. I love, love, love my E-Z cart by Republic. I got on the internet looking to see if it is still being manufactured and found these comments. Mine is still going and still in good shape even though it has been used a lot. Every project in the yard seems to include using my cart. It is so much better than a wheelbarrel. I keep looking at the local hardware and home stores and cannot find anything to compare. I hope one day I will see them again.

  6. I have 2 and they are real workhorses. Would like to have another for backup and get one for a friend who needs the extra “hand”. They make great portable waterers while horse camping too. Maybe we should figure out how to make our own.

  7. I have had one for many, many years – at least 15 – and have used it for everything, including extremely heavy loads over rough terrain. At one time I broke almost every plastic spoke of at the hub on one wheel and fixed it 2 part plastic epoxy plus screws drilled on an angle through the spoke into the hub (2 screws, one from each side on each spoke). It has held up for years since then and is still going strong. My concern now is that the bottom of the back ground support has worn completely through so I to am looking for another one.

  8. Add me to the list who know this is the best garden cart ever owned. Fifteen years now and this one is about to give it up though….15 Arizona summers are hard.
    Scott’s obviously does not know what they have…how many “garden carts” have a loyal following..
    Share the news if they go back into production

  9. The only fault I’ve found with my cart is that apparently it’s too tasty. A year or two ago a squirrel gnawed away most of the back edge (I watched him working on it). Even so, it’s still holding together.

    Alice Bennett

  10. I love the ez cart also . My mom had one and she died and it was given away. I have inherited her home and miss so much using that cart to keep up her place. I have been to all the garden shops to buy one to no avail.I used it so much I never found a fault with it. Keep me posted if anyone finds any.

    Jamie Yates

  11. Hello All!

    I have had an easy cart for about 19 years. The only thing wrong with it – is the fact that the plastic wheel finally cracked from the heavy dirt piles I was loading it with when I was building a retaining wall back in October of 09.

    Since they are not making them anymore, is there anyone who would want to sell me one, or a set of “in tact” wheels from their broken, or no longer useful EZ Cart? If I could replace the wheel, or both wheels, then I could get the cart back in action again..

    Please leave your comments here. I have it set to receive follow up comments via e-mail. If you want to contact me directly, please e-mail:

    Thanks for any and all offers..

    Robert C – The Wholesale Guy

    • HI Robert, I found some replacement wheels that fit at my local Tractor Supply… do you have one of those near you?

      • do you know the name or model number of the wheels you bought?


      • Not off the top of my head… I just took one of the old wheels to Tractor Supply, and bought one that was the same size…..

    • I have an EZ cart but my handle rusted and broke off. I would LOVE another cart… cart for me. 65 and love it in my yard work!

      • Hi Janet. It would be a fairly easy job to get a piece of metal electrical conduit (it comes in about the same diameter as the EZ cart handle) and to use it to make a new handle for your cart. Might be tough for a lady but if you have man friend or relative who you could suggest it to I think they might be willing to give it a try.

      • i just read your question and wondering if you were able to find or fabricate a handle? mine also rusted and thought i’d check for a replacement handle before i threw it in the dumpster today…but now am discovering this dilemma of no parts…ARG!
        please let me know if you found a solution…for now the cart has been saved from the dumpster!

      • EZ Cart. – Here is what it looks like now after 15 years of renovation!


  12. I live in the mountains of Western North Carolina and we have plenty of land for both cattle and farms. Yea, we have more then a few tractors stores. Never thought of that – thanks!

    Just wondering what types of wheels you bought specifically? What did you ask for? Just wheels that fit an EZ cart? Or, wheel barrel type wheels? Do I ask enough questions – lol?

    Thanks for any info…

    Robert C – The Wholesale Products Guy

    • I just bought whatever they had that was the same size…. it seems to be working so far….. I have written to Scott’s to see if they would allow me (legally) to put the EZ cart back in production…. so far I have not heard back from them…… keep fingers crossed!

      • I, too, have sewarched for several years for new wheels. Could you please share with us the manufacturer of the wheels you found. We do not have any tractor supply stores anywhere near us.
        Hopefully we are able to order them online. Thanks!!!

      • I have written to Scotts also in regard to the status of the original patent…nothing from them so, I am now going to pursue the possibility of finding a manufacturer who will start making them.
        I tried to buy a used one from the nursery down the road from me but, their customers love them and they would not sell one to me. I am desperate.

      • Aaron, could you plkease look at the wheel you bought, and tell me who manufactured it? Or go to the tractor place, and find out? On mine, the axle bent, too rusty to repair. I could make a new axle, and provide them at low cost to all these respondents, But I can’t see how to getr the wheels off without breaking something.

        Do all of you have carts where the body, handle, etc., works OK, but the axle and/or wheels have failed?

      • Scotts can not stop you from making them. Republics rights only lasted 20 years. I looked it up on the US site. However to have them made they need to be poured into a mold the making of which is VERY expensive. Find a plastic Manufacturer and take the old one to them. It can be done if you got the $$$

      • Already have my patent attorney on it!!! There are specific legal steps one must take in order to do it…. I’ll keep you posted!

      • I don’t believe that the patent is a problem. Patents are only good for 7 years, and the carts have been out of production for ten. I’ve looked to see what thge competition would be, if somebody were to arrange to go back into production. A pretty good cart can be bought from Sears and others, for under $100. So that’s the upper limit on a selling price, including manufacturing costs, distribution costs, marketing costs, and PROFIT. So there’s a possibility: find financial backing, arrange to manufacture hundreds of thousands of them in China, set up a distribution network, and a sales/marketing network, and hope to make a profit. Pretty risky undertaking. Perhaps that’s why Scott hasn’t done it.

        I, personally, repaired mine. The axle bent – rusted through. I bought 30 inches of 3/4-inch steel bar, cut it to the appropriate length, drilled six holes in it, and replaced the original axle. If anyone else needs this fix, I can supply all the parts, and instructions, to replace a rusted-out axle, for $100.

        Bruce Lyon, in FL

      • Hi aeronm – In Jan 2011 you wrote that you are making progress toward production. Anything new to report? Mine is 20 years old and I’d also be interested in producing them.

        These are similar but very expensive. Do you think these are the new version? Or maybe this is you???


      • Hi Ingrid, that link is for a much larger “cart”… I have one of those as well….. they are not as handy or as well-suited for gardening….. I will keep you posted on my progress… !!! : )

  13. I have looked for replacement for more than 5 years.
    I have two in the family (at least 15 years of heavy work) and have done what’s needed to keep them in service. If an equivalent design is manufactured — let me know.

  14. If someone could bring these back into production, I will buy a couple. Please email me if someone ever produces them again.

  15. I am very sad to report that the wheel fell off one of my EZ carts yesterday. I have had them for many years and next to my hand clippers, are the most used gardening tools I have. I am writing letters now to the two addresses you have listed. I would purchase news ones if anyone can find them. Good luck!

  16. I broke a wheel on my cart. It looks like yours. I am also searching for parts

  17. I have had one for eons and can’t live without it. It is time to get a new one, but from the looks of the comments here, I better get out the JB Weld and fill in the cracks and make it work another decade.

    Ad my name to the list to get the rights and produce them ourselfts. WHAT a money maker! What were they thinking by discontinuing distribution!!

  18. I would gladly pay $50 for an EZ Cart! I’ve had mine for 15 years. We purchased it from our local lumber yard for $24 – it was the best deal I’ve ever gotten. Carts are pretty expensive now so, if somebody goes into production let us all know. Thanks.

  19. I got mine at K-Mart about 20 yrs ago. Best cart! But mice ate the wheels and the axle is rusted so would love replacement parts and or another cart. Please keep us posted with production.

  20. I’ve had mine for almost 20 years now and it has seen better days but I just can’t get rid of it. I, too, have looked for several years for one but to no avail. As much as I use mine, I am one person who would pay that $100 to buy another. Amazingly, I purchased mine on clearance for a mere $13. Definitely one of the best buys I’ve ever made and the design is absolutely perfect. There is certainly nothing that can compare to it.

  21. I can’t believe there are other people that have my same thoughts about this cart. My husband keeps on patching it up because I refuse to let it go. I have bought other carts because they look like a good idea but when I use it I park it. Not good enough. Someone needs to forward all these mails to Scott. I use to know one of the regional guys for Scott but I have been disconected for some time, it’s a shame. Let’s have them made here in USA!

  22. I am desolate because my EZ Cart is wearing thin after sixteen years of constant use by me and my neighbors. I got it for $14. at Walmart and no one who hasn’t owned one will understand the difference in strength, convenience, quality and ease-of -use found in these darn carts.

    While searching the internet I’ve seen a couple of carts that, although too tall, are built using a similar design and they are hundreds of dollars!

    I’ll buy if anyone finds/creates another source.

  23. I too consider it the finest cart ever made for the price. I lost mine in the divorce and have been searching for one ever since.

    My favorite use was hauling armloads of firewood from my wood pile 50 yards over my frozen rutted yard into the garage. It could withstand anything.

    Last year I went shopping for pumpkins at a local farm market in my home town and discovered they had a dozen of the carts! I pleaded with the owners to sell me just one of them but they wouldn’t part with one.

    Why Republic/Scotts stopped manufacturing this cart is beyond me. I too spoke to Robert Domingez and asked for the rights to produce but have never heard back.

    I would appreciate an email if anyone finds one or discovers they are being manufactured again.

  24. Please add my name to the list to keep me updated if these become available for purchase. I’d love to have a new one. I have had my EZ Cart for about 20 years and it is still going strong but the axle is very rusted. I got replacement parts for FREE back in 1998 from Republic and I was sooooo impressed with that company. I wrote them a thank you letter because I could not believe there was no charge! Where do you find a company thees days that stand behind their product that well and will send you replacement parts for free? Sadly, not very many. I hope something good turns up from all of these emails.

  25. If anyone ever does get the rights and manufacturers these carts, please add my name to the list. Every year I use mine so much, I am terrified it will break on me and then gardening will be no fun. I also would gladly pay $50 for one. Obviously Scotts doesn’t know there are so many people who still want one.

    • Well it is 6 years later from this post and shoot I would pay $150 for this cart at this point. It is that good. Can’t believe with all the interest that this hasn’t been snatched up by someone. Please keep me on this list to contact if anyone does re manufacture it.

      • I’m still working on it!!!! Trying to raise capital now…… stay tuned! 🙂

  26. I have had one of the EZ carts for 16 years. I think I paid about $11 for it at MacFrugals (now Big Lots). I wish I had bought several. If someone starts making them, put me on the list to buy. I would pay $50.00 for a new one if it were just as sturdy.

  27. I love my EZ cart too!!! Got it about 15 yrs. ago…and just lost a wheel . I’ve checked all other carts out there, but don’t like any of them. I’d love to replace these wheels, and will have to try the tractor store. If anybody else has any ideas, please let me know. thanks

  28. Hey, y’all — I, like all of you, are salivating to find replacements for our two hail-damaged “EZ Cart by Republic” WONDERFUL garden carts!!! They’re just the very best, and I can’t believe they stopped making them. So, to whomever gets the go-ahead to begin manufacturing them — please put my name on the list, and my friends, too… I have a couple people who have been impressed with mine and are eager to get one or two for themselves as well.

    Thanks so much — it’s fun being a member of such an elite group as those of us who know EZCarts are the most elegant and efficient wheelbarrows out there!

  29. Oh, but one more thing — there is an easy-to-make error in the post entitled, “Desperately seeking…. E Z Haul cart” that is important to note: The carts we are lusting after are NOT under the brand name “EZ Haul” — that’s the brand name of a whole ‘nother kind of cart, not the ones we love. The garden carts we love are called:
    EZ Cart (by Republic)

    …just to be clear : )

    Sincerely, brothers and sisters in EZCart,

  30. I also am looking for an EZ cart by Republic. I’ve had mine for almost 20 years, bought at Homebase when they were in business locally. My great grandson cracked the bottom with a heavy log but I still use it for every kind of hauling job I have and would like a replacement. I thought the beige part was fiberglass not just plastic. I sure has stayed together good. Please put me on the list for one or more if someone starts making them again.

  31. Please add my name to the distribution list of buys if/when someone can re-introduce this cart! I need to replace mine, and have about 3 relatives and friends who want to buy one!

    How about we start a blog with these testimonials and photos of our well-loved carts, maybe some marketing staffer at Scotts will have a light bulb go on over their head! (then again, maybe the carts are TOO good– they only need to be replaced every 10-15 years or so!!!)

  32. I have also been looking near and far for another EZ Cart. My husband found mine at a flea market many years ago. The back end is split where the screws attach the back leg. Still usable, but I would like another (or two). If anyone can produce them, please put me on the list also. Thanks.

  33. Add my name to those who are looking for an EZ Cart. There is nothing comparable on the market, not at Loew’s, Home Depot, Ace Hdwe, K Mart ,Walmart nor many others I’ve tried. I’ve had mine 20 years & wouldn’t part with it but it’s trying to give up. It is Ideal for lady gardners and for seniors. There is not another light weight but balanced and sturdy cart on the market but then I am ‘preaching to the choir”. In the meantime I shall keep looking and hoping that Scotts recognizes the market and begins production. Also I’d pay more for USA made!

  34. My EZ Cart by Republic has died after carrying 50 pound bags of chicken feed for a number of years. I am “old ” in age but need to carry feed –but my EZ Cart has died. Have looked everywhere–Any HOPE ? Or any suggestions? My EZ Cart did a great job of hauling feed down the hill to the chicken house. What is there to replace it???????????? Janet

  35. My EZ Cart is about 15 years old and the support on the bottom – the back part – is rotting away. I use it anyway and balance it just right, because there is nothing so handy and great as this little cart. If I’d only known how difficult it would be to replace I would have taken possession of my mother’s when we sold her house!

  36. Wake Up and Manufacture this cart! It’s a keeper! Ours is 16 years old and we want a new one!

  37. To Aeronm: Can you get me details on the wheels you purchased? I can make/sell a kit of axle and wheels, if I can find the wheels.You can contact me directly if you like:


    Bruce Lyon

    • I have poached some spare parts from my dad’s cart (they had two) which he was using as spare parts to keep the first one going…. although my axle is also bent, it is still squeaking along… for now….. I should have some news from my patent attorney about acquiring the manufacturing rights any day now…..

      • This is for “aeronm.” (Or, perhaps anyone else who could answer my question.) I see “aeronm” come up quite a bit regarding new wheels for the EZ Cart. Is there anything new as of January, 2015. I could use some wheels, , , I’d probably get a whole new cart if it became available.

      • I haven’t really found anything good yet…. but I’m still working on it! I need to find an investor so I can get this thing into production!!!

  38. I am with you, this cart is the best I have ever had. Mine is 20 years old and the axle and wheels have frozen. I need to find someone in Central Florida that can repair it. I would love to purchase a couple of the carts. Please put me on the list too.


  39. Wow!!! It is exciting to see there is such a great following to this cart. I too was searching the internet for the ez cart when I came across this little site. I am eager to find one, and would be estatic if it came back into production. Keep me on the list because I am definatly interested in getting one!

  40. I am another EZ Cart by Republic fan & I would definitely buy more if they were available.
    A couple folks here said they were researching the patent to see if it could be manufactured again. Any updates?

    Let’s figure out how to do it!

  41. Add me to the list. I have to have another!

  42. Hooray for you ! I will take two as soon as you go into production ! Count me in as another who thinks it is the best utility cart ever made…..mine (18 yrs old) is cracking badly and only has a few more loads leftt in

  43. I would even go so far as to pre-pay before production for two. If you have enough pre-sold orders, it may make raising capital for the venture a bit easier.

    It sounds like an business venture for Gene Simmons of “KISS”. As long as he could put his “KISS” logo on it, he may be interested…..

  44. I did some research. Lots of people including Sears sell a similar cart for under $90, so a remanufacturing of the EZ Cart would have to retail for $50-$80 to be competitive, which translates to under $25 to make. That means China. I have a contact there, but I don’t have a marketing or distribution organization. The investment appears large, both in dollars, time, and personal energy. Risks are large, too. I fixed the one I have.

  45. After reading all the coments I know why they quit making the EZ cart. Most of them are 15 to 20 years old and are just now needing repair. Not what you want in making money.
    My cart had a wheel frozen and when my husband tried to free it up of course the plastic finally broke.I am going to try Tractor supply. and will let you know.

  46. I just tried to find this cart online today and found this website. I bought mine about 15 years ago for like $35 bucks. I sure didn’t know what I was getting when I bought it! We use this cart for everything and just now needing repair.

  47. For those who care and for those who don’t – lol.

    I have given up my search for EZ Cart wheels – and for any way to fix the cart in general. The brackets were to rusty (as I came to find out) and no one had a wheel that fit that configuration..

    So, with that being said – I went to Lowes and bought a “put together yourself” steel wheel barrel. And I have to say, that I like it better then the EZ Cart.

    I know – to some – that might seem like blaspheme
    lol. But I had a lot of dirt to move and just could not wait any longer..

    I re-landscaped the front of my yard with about 67 Junipers and needed to get something to haul soil around in addition to other gardening tasks..

    So, I say to you all. Go to Lowes and get the cheapest wheel barrel you can get.

    Just let go – people! I know it’s hard – and EZ Cart was – well – like a friend to me – lol. But we all – at sometime – must cut the “ties that bind”….lol……..

    Thanking everyone here who did e-mail me with suggestions and questions about the cart…

    But, I have moved on…………lol……

    Robert C – The Wholesale Products Guy

    • Robert!! Don’t give up! I am in the process of putting them back into production! Have faith, man, have faith!!!!
      ~Aeron : )

      • Aeronm,

        If you have a list of EZ Cart devotees that are counting the days when the once-repaired wheels give up the ghost and the axle rusts through … add me to it.

        You’ll have a customer.

        I used mine for many years to transport my rowing shell to the water so the back rest rusted away, but it’s still the best cart I’ve ever used for all purpose light yard work.

      • Aeron, Do you have any update from attorney.

      • We have drafted second letter to Scott’s, which basically says: If we don’t hear from you, we are putting it back into production! I”ll keep ya posted!

      • Put me on the list please! I’ve had mine for 20 years…

  48. Please Please add me to the list of contacts. My husband and I have been hunting with no luck. We love our little cart and dread the day she wheels her last bit of dirt. My sister in law bought a new house and the previous owner left one behind barely used, brand new. We could not believe it. We told her how lucky she was. I don’t think she got it, but she will. Please somone resurrect the only wheelbarrel that truly gets the job done and one that doesn’t actually hurt my back. Many thanks…..(*.*)

  49. Put me down for one of your cart…I had two, but my wife kept one in the divorce and someone stole it . No kidding. Mine is about to die I use it for everything from yardwork to unloading groceries to hauiling trash out to the curb.

  50. I’m surprised no one else makes a cart like this. Low to the ground and fairly flat. I’d love to see a slightly sturdier version with rubber tires, but the same proportions/balance.

    Send me a message if you ever market it.

  51. Put me down for an EZ Cart if you start to produe them again. Mine is finally beyond repair and I can’t find anything close to its height, balance, etc.

  52. I’ve had my EZ cart for over 20 yrs – wouldn’t trade it for anything! A friend of mine saw it in my yard yesterday and said she was desperate to find one as her husband had left hers near the trash and the garbage men took it. I can haul huge potted shrubs with it and so much more. Years ago I used it to distribute 7 tons of flagstone around my yard. It can handle a heavy load and I didn’t have to lift the stone up, over, and down into a deep cart. Best ever!

  53. Stumbled on this site looking for a new EZ Cart…didn’t know my 15 yr old little beige cart had such a following….but should have known, I can’t do without mine…practical, perfect for anything heavy, if you can get it into the cart you can move it…..I’ll take two…let me know when production begins…

  54. Please let me know if you decide to manufacture an EZ cart – I will buy multiples!!!!!

  55. Me too! Me too! Arizona sun has taken it’s toll, but I have never found a cart design that just works as well.

    I am ready to place my order when the new one hits the market.

    • I am another ez cart by rebublic devotee. As they say, hindsight is 20/20. I wish I would have bought five of them and I would be set for the rest of my life. It may have been one of the best products made in the USA. Please keep me posted if production proceeds for a replacement.

  56. please let us know when, I just had to pull ours out of the trash, yesterday, had a wheel fail, now I’m on a search for a 12 inch wheel with 3/4 hub. Thanks for all the work!

  57. I have been looking for a replacement myself. I have had mine for 14 years and love it. I can’t find anything similar. What a shame. I am thinking of building a similar one as DIY project.

  58. We have (2) EZ carts for our condo. As so many have stated ours are 20years old and fortunately still work fine. They are getting worn and would love to replace them. Best cart ever made. Holds up well with lots even with lots of weight. We use our’s for hauling groceries, misc junk etc. Would not know what to do without them. We have 4 floors and the carts are a God send for those of us on the 3rd and 4th floor. PLEASE bring them back. Believe me people will be buying them off the shelves. It is a terrific product that should not be in the archives. Thanks Cris Cathey

  59. I just broke the front off mine. It has been left in the back yard for 20 years and up until now has worked great to haul whatever I needed. I bought it at HQ and sure wish I could get another..

  60. The wheel just fell off of mine, purchased maybe 12-15 years ago. I went online to buy another and read these posts with a sinking feeling. But lo and behold, someone is selling one for $15 on Craig’s list in my very own city. Wish me luck….

  61. I have the EZ cart and one of the plastic wheels recently broke off. I was about to take the cart to the street and let the garbage man have it, but then I thought I would see if I could get a replacement wheel. No such luck. I think I will hold on to it for a while. Maybe I will sell it for parts.

    • Don’t give up! Sometimes it is possible to find wheels that will fit it (occasionally Tractor Supply carries them), but you may have to replace both if they are not the same size as the originals…… good luck!

      • My mom and I are very interested in the EZ Cart. We both have one that is on its last leg. Are you going to be able to make them?

  62. What’s the status now, Aeronm?? : )

  63. I’m another lover of the EZ cart and if anyone figures out how to manufacture them, I will drive there to pick up a couple. My husband is disabled from a stroke and can’t use a wheelbarrow, but he can use the EZ cart because it is light and he can pull it with only one hand.

  64. I too have had an EZ cart. Had it loaded full of sand and one wheel cracked out on the hub. Looking for replacement wheel
    12″ diameter
    1 7’8″ wide hub
    3/4″ center hole.

    Loren Edward

  65. My EZ cart finally broke today. I’ve had it for many years, and it is the best ever for gardening and hauling materials. It is irreplaceable and I’m sorry they are no longer available. I would buy at least 2 if I could, not sure what I will use now.

  66. I am another fan, not the least because it was quite inexpensive – a definite plus. Then I found it to be a fine design — easy to pull heavy weight, low to the ground to receive debris when on knees weeding, easy to load anything into it, and easy to dump. Mine is also 15 or more years old. It is a mystery why useful items go out of production.

  67. Please contact me if they ever make them again. Mine just got destroyed by a horse today. I have had mine for 15 years and loved it and used it for everything!! I am so upset that I can not buy another one. Would get 2 to more next time. Don’t understand why they would stop making it. I got mine at WalMart.

  68. Like the rest of the folks writing about the EZ cart, mine is old (close to 20 years by now) and still going strong, but it will not last forever. Right now it is at my daughter’s home and I am afraid it may never return. I would love to be able to buy her a new cart and one for myself to go with the old one.

    These carts are so versatile. They are wonderful for the older gardener because they are so lightweight and their smaller size make them ideal for smaller yards. That was why I purchased mine originally. I had a small yard and a shortage of storage space. This cart was perfect and still is.

    Please put me down for two carts when you start production. It would be nice if it could be made in the USA. We could use the jobs!

  69. I have been waiting, watching and hoping that this cart would come available for years now. Please provide an update on the status of production. Thanks.

  70. I’ll buy three EZ carts when they are available, I purchased two 15 years ago, and I’m still using both of them, though, they are limping along and need repair, I ease their load, and hope they can make it til replacements are available…..Please, hear our pleas……EZ CARTS are
    the only way to go…..

  71. I, too, am a devoted fan of the EZ Cart. I’ve had it for about 30 years. It is constantly by my side when I am out in my yard. I have been searching for an additional one for a few years-one for my daughter’s home and one as a back-up for me for the day that I need to retire this one. Well, that day is at hand. During a freak Halloween snowstorm here in MA, a large tree limb fell on it (it is stored outside-my mistake!) and wracked the handle. So, it’s crooked now. We’re going to try to fix it, but I know it needs to be replaced. Please keep me on the list of gardeners who are interested in purchasing at least 2 if they ever become available again. I love this thing!

  72. Shoot (pun intended). Against my 12-year old daughter’s advice, I moved the bag target further away to the next distance and my first arrow missed the target and sent through the EZ Cart that was haning by its handle on the fence. The arrow went through the 1″ gap between pickets as well into the front yard. I was shocked and disappointed at the prices and high walled carts now available in the marketplace and sorely disappointed to come across this thread this evening. Guess my initial plan to patch the 3″ hold in the floor of my EZ Cart will have to be implemented now so I too can get more decades out of my trusty low-walled 2-wheeled cart. I’ll buy six of them if they ever become available. Three for me and the residual for gifts.

  73. I want two of them. Have been looking for one for years as my mom has one… Please keep me updated. thanks.

  74. Yet another EZ cart by Republic “fan” !! We are avid gardeners in Tulsa OK and have used our EZ for may years, having bought on a garage sale !! The one wheel broke off thos week and in searching today I found this site. I am fully supportive of all the efforts to re-introduce this amazing cart – so add my name to the growing list of potential buyers !!

  75. Hello. Just been reading these posts. We’ve had an EZ cart for (I guess) about 20 years. It’s a gem of a product. I finally broke off the handle the other day. I managed to patch it up with some angle iron, but we are definitely in the market for a new one. We’d even have it shipped to Holland, where we live.
    Good luck in your endeavours.
    Jim Callus

  76. I will buy two right of them off the bat – one to actually use – and one to keep in storage in case they stop making them again.

    Where are the Chinese when you need them anyway!?? They could make a knock off of this thing in a week (damn the patent problems and any royalty payents- full speed ahead…) and have it in the marketplace in a month. From all these postings – ther is clearly a market for the product.

  77. I’ve had mine for 25 years. I’ve put some amazing loads in it that should have squashed it.It’s sad that some American companies don”t like to manufacture goods that last too long. Surely if the Chinese can make a Honda engine (expired patents) that retails for about $100, they can make one of these that would retail for less than $50. Mine is cracked but still kicking.

  78. Make that 15 years

  79. I have one I’ve had for 20 years. Just lent it to a young neighbor who fell in love with it. I’d be good for 2 carts, minimum, if they became available again. Light, tough, balanced, easy to fill, roll, and empty.

  80. I too have an EZ cart made by Republic. Actually I have 2 of them: one with a broken wheel and one that is still working fine. I love this cart and would love to have a couple more. Please let me know if you have success with manufacturing yourself, or with talking Scott’s into reviving the cart.

  81. I bought my EZ cart for $24.95 at least 20 years ago. it is the best that has ever been made, it’s so light weight that I can pick it up with one hand(at 84 yrs.)so I guard it carefully,never leave it outside but we are both slowing down, so I would buy a new one and so would all my jealous neighbors. They all love it and would buy it at the going price. If

  82. Put us on the list to buy several new ones. The squirrels ate our wheels. We’re going to look for a tractor store. Help!

  83. Please put me on the list for at least 2 EZ carts when they become available. The sooner the better!!

  84. Another big fan. Did not realize nor appreciate it until I broke a wheel the other day trying to haul a huge pile of 4′ x 6″ long limbs over a tree root! I am so disappointed that I cannot find a new one or a wheel that fits. Can anybody provide me some leads other than take it to tractor supply? If I have to I will modify this cart. It is THAT GOOD. I will buy at least 2 more if ever produced. I read through every post. When I find the solution I will share. If anyone found the wheel or has a spare please email me at Thanks

  85. It’s a wonder something that work so well got lost in the shuffle. I have repaired my wheels by cutting out a circle of plywood and screwing it on. It keeps on working. Mine has served as a float in a parade, hauled bales of hay and loads of dirt, sand, and gravel. It has logged hours and hours for non profit organizations from Relay for Life to hauling boxes of food for school backpack feeding programs. When it “goes” someday, it will get a decent burial. I won’t have the heart to take it to the dump. If there was a way to clone it, I would do it. I just spent two weeks in Carlsbad this past winter. If I had known it came from there, I would have made a trek to hunt down the makers.

  86. woo hoo. I too have been searching for an EZCart. I’m going to go out back and see if the one I have is really all that rusty! Maybe I can get it going again. Great to see all these fans. (fanatics)!

  87. I inherited my E-Z cart from my mother, an avid gardener. Such a lightweight, well-balanced, work saver. I am sick to find out they have been taken out of production. What company would ignore so many devoted customers???

  88. I too had been looking for an EZ Cart and finally remembered to look here on the internet!!! Out of production? This is insane! Such a fabulous little work horse of a cart. I too am a huge fan. Lightweight, big capacity, study, holds up to tons of abuse….what’s not to love? Somebody had better figure out how to get this into production again. In my opinion the only people who don’t want one have no idea they exist.

  89. That was supposed to say “Sturdy” not study! I was so upset when I found out they weren’t in production anymore, I forgot to proof read. If anyone finds out they’re producing these again, please let me know, and if it’s you — put me down for at least 3! Thanks!

  90. Perfect little cart. Real time and back saver! Love the light weight and good low to the ground design. I would love to have two more. Thanks.

  91. Please put me down a list…I have had one for 30yrs..It has a slight crack down the middle, My son got a mixing tub at homedepot for $5.00 so that will help for liquid stuff..but I had a ranch an hauled all kinds of things in it..Best Cart ever. If you have no luck in producing..maybe copy all these replies an tell them the are missing the boat…

  92. I found one on Craigslist back in WI..too far for me but it was selling for $25..then next it was gone also on a auction they had one for $35.00 an it was snatched up fast..So I guess in the meantime we will have to keep searching til you can mfg. them. Wishing you LUCK

  93. Mine has been here 24 years… I have patched it back together several times .. doesn’t look so great but still works.

  94. aeronm, Just checking to see if you have had any luck getting these carts made…Hope all is well, still hoping for good news..Does Scott still have the blueprint on these still?

    • Still working on it! So far, their (Scott’s) lawyers have not answered my letters, nor my patent attorney’s letters…. we have to wait a minimum required time before we announce we are taking over production of the carts… after which they will have a limited amount of time to respond… and then we go from there! I’ll keep you posted!

  95. I got my cart when my dad died in 2000. It had been used plenty but still looked good. I have been using it to haul horse poop to the dumpster. I really load it up and abuse the heck out of it and it is still going strong!!! The wheel bearings wore out so now the whells are slanted on their axles and have worn an arc shape through the plastic sides. My friend had one in her barn and gave it to me for spare parts. It is worn but I’m saving it for when my current cart finaly gives up the ghost. BEST CART EVER PRODUCED! Of course, that’s why it’s no longer made (AARRGGHH!!!!).

  96. Sign me up, too.
    A wheel broke and I can’t use the cart. Does anyone know if other wheels are compatible?
    I’d surely pay $50! I love the little cart.

    • Lynda:

      If possible, do not throw out the broken wheel. I broke the entire hub out of mine and managed to align the hub and glue it back in with POR-15 expoxy putty. It doesn’t look pretty but it worked. I had to use a 2×4 block and some leverage due to the cleverly designed spokes. I tried a steel wheel but way too heavy. Can be modified if necessary but will require a longer axle to accomodate taller wheels. I’m still working on it but no luck on finding exact fit wheels.

  97. I am looking for a scotts yardall lawn and garden cart. I have had mine for years and cannot find another. I came across this site and thought someone might have an idea. Mine is cracked and breaking and will not last long.. The design just works for me to bring in firewood, as I have a disability.

  98. Please put me on the list for at least 2 EZ carts when they become available.

  99. Put me on the list for a cart or 3

  100. Put us on your list! We just love this one and it was left here when we bought our home.

  101. I still have one for more than 20 years, but my wheels ara broken, did some one knows where I can get replacements?? Please let me know ..I live in Hiram, Ga. Thanks!!!

  102. Well I am all the way over in New Zealand and have just purchased one in an online auction, second hand but good nick for $25. They sure are a brilliant little cart. My oldie is going strong after 15 years, but I thought it wise to grab a replacement while I could. Good luck to all you folk waiting on new ones, hope it happens for you.

  103. Pam I just saw that Auction..I got so excited then realize it had sold.lucky lady..I sent a letter to that ez cart co..Man are their carts expensive an none of them look like our little tuffy..I told them to read all the loyal fans of this GREATEST CART EVER…maybe give them a clue, but also told them keep the price down..yeah right. anyhow..I am praying Anemone will be lucky an get these made.sending prayers to her..

  104. 20 years and now I am down to holding it together with tape, good quality aluminum tape, to cover the holes.
    Built well in America bulit to last, of course they stoped making them.
    Now we get it from China, and replace it every couple years.
    Planed obsolesene.
    My wife wanted a new one for Christmas, yep Christmas, I am a lucy man. It would have been a great to have found one or two.

  105. Nuts! I was so sure I would find a new one. Looks like I wont. Put me down if they become available for 2. Mine is just about sed up

    • Hi Renee,
      Join my E Z Cart club at
      I am considering putting a cart into production. I found an old cart and am taking it to a manufacturer tomorrow for evaluation.

      • Um Joe? What are you doing? You do realize that’s what I’m trying to do, right?

      • Hi Renee,

        I don’t mean to leave you out of the loop. If you read “My Story” on my site here is the next to the last paragraph:

        I am aware that various blogs dating back to 2007 have discussed the re-introduction of the E Z Cart and that aeronm has investigated the patent issues. On 1/5/11 aeronm posted that she might put the cart back into production. As far as I can tell, that hasn’t happened. Let me know aeronm if you would like to collaborate on producing a new cart.

        In my various business adventures on two occasions I worked with a partner, 50/50 right down the middle. If you are interested, send me an email and we can discuss the possibilities.

        According to the Federal Government, at least the Trademark was DEAD and cancelled on 2/10/2001.

        You have been thinking about this since January of 2011 and from what is stated on this page invested your time and possibly money. I usually move much faster. If you want to be a part of what I think is a wonderful opportunity, please write.


      • Collaborate? Uh… no thanks, Joe. My idea. But you go ahead and swipe it. Good luck to you. I hope you can sleep at night!

  106. Aeronm, I agree, why didn’t Joe contact you an maybe you can work together..You started this an hope you can finish it..
    If his is expensive it won’t fly…That’s why we love the EZ CART.

    • Just got an email from Joe that his cart will cost $224 (on sale for $199 until 3/16/13). While the cart has some upgrades, that price is WAY outside my comfort range considering what the original cost (inflation isn’t that high).

      • WOW.$224. Wasn’t Joe listening or was he thinking we were that desperate..The reason most of us love that Cart because it was cheap an low to the ground. I expected it to go up in price but triple 10 fold..Good luck Joe you can take me off that list..we most agreed to around $50.00..since there are tons out there for a little under $ 200.00 which is ridiculous for what you get.
        Thanks aeronm hope you are still trying.

      • Thank you Charr!

      • I agree, $50,00 is all I would pay for it

      • Agreed. I think it stinks he took my idea also!

  107. I think he is a get rich fast kinda guy stealing your idea an seeing all the people that wanted one..We might be desperate to get a cart but we aren’t STUPID..

  108. Looking for an investor to get them into production……..

  109. Kickstarter does not do that.. Your project is yours and yours alone.. Kickstarter will only take 5% of the funded amount only if the project is funded.. I participated as a investor in a few unfortunately, they didn’t get funded so, no lose to me. I would check them out and then we the buyers can invest and you will know the actual interest and possibly get a wider market of interest buyers..

    As far as ideas stolen, well that will happen anywhere (cough, cough).

  110. I know you folks may not want to hear from me, but the following might be of interest.
    A large plastics component manufacturer recently submitted an official quote to me for producing 400 (their minimum order) molded cart bodies similar to the EZ cart.
    The tooling setup would be $8200 and the cost per cart body $32.08 each. Keep in mind this is a molded 3/16” thick body. An injection mold setup would be much more expensive.
    $32.08 doesn’t sound like much does it? Now let us add the rest of the costs.
    Handle and leg support material, $1.95, handle couplers (2) $0.70, paint handle and leg supports $15, cart label $0.50, wheels (2) $27.85, wheel hubs (2) $1.49, axle ½” $7.62, hardware $2.66, box for shipping $3.86, labor $10.
    Total cart cost to manufacture including the cart body ($32.08) would be $103.71.
    If we add the tooling cost of $8,200 plus $41,484 (400 X $103.71) we get $49,684.
    Total cost divided by 400 and the cost per cart would be $124.21 without any profit.
    Which of you would be willing to invest $49,684 before selling even one cart?
    Would anyone be interested in an axle assembly that would adapt the old EZ cart to ½” diameter wheels?
    Joe Harper

    • Here’s the thing, Joe: the old carts cost $50. Yes, that was 15 years ago, but with all the other carts out there, I doubt people would be willing to pay what you have in mind for yours.

      • Well aeronm,
        It turns out they are; for I have sold several. Not at any great profit; I just wanted to provide a replacement. And it is people that are not hung up on what EZ cart sold for in the past. Some are not even aware of the old EZ cart until I tell them.
        Why compare it to other carts that are currently available? Not a one has the EZ or the Little Red Cart features.
        Allowing for a small profit and some fixed overhead, the plastic version I wrote about would need to sell for at least $149.95. However, no one seems willing to invest the big bucks required to put it into production. I truly started my adventure with the idea of providing a cart with the right features at low cost. It seems that is an impossibility for a small business.
        If nothing else, I’ve provided you with some hard earned data that perhaps will help you make an informed decision if you decide to produce the cart yourself.

      • Joe you were the one with stars in your eyes thinking I have all these people “looking Desperately for EZ Cart” an will make a killing., before you got into the whole cost thing..With what you charge I already have a cart at that price which is nothing compared to the EZ Cart..So I guess we are still out of luck just patching our old ones. Aeronm was truly wanting to help us but it seems like a dead horse now excuse the pun..

      • Charr,
        You are so wrong! You want to know what got to me? The fact that aeronm since 2007 started leading people along with the idea she was going to do something. That was a gauntlet dropped. Profits were not the real issue with me. It doesn’t take 5 years to get something off the ground. So, I jump into the fray and it seems no one wants to face the fact that things cost a lot more now.
        Anyway, rather than promises, I did something. We now know what must happen if there will ever be another EZ cart. And it won’t be sold for less than $150.
        Did you see my comment about providing an axle assembly that would allow mounting readily available wheels for a 1/2″ axle?

      • Let me know if you ever get this going.

      • Will do! : )

      • Please let me know if you can make the ez cart. I want one.

    • Joe:

      I am interested in a wheel set/axle assembly to adapt to the old EZ cart.


      • You can fit 12 inch wheels by Arnold on the cart. The wheels have a 1/2 inch diameter hub. Mount the wheels on a 1/2 inch solid steel rod (about 6 inches long) and insert the rod into the EZ-Cart axle. You need to remove the plastic cap on the ends of the EZ-cart axle with a drill bit and pliers and hammer or drill out the stop pin. Drill holes to secure steel rod to EZ-Cart axle and wheel to steel rod with cotter pins.

  111. My husband and I love our old EZ cart. I purchased ours in the spring before they went out of production and loved it. We gave them as Christmas gifts to the 3 gardeners on our list that same year. Ours is the only one still around. Tried to buy another one for safe keeping the next spring, and they were no longer available.
    How I wish someone would bring them back!

  112. I will take one also. My whell broke after many years of service..

  113. My mother’s EZ cart broke a couple of weeks ago. Handle pulled out of the plastic body. I’m fixing using combination of JB and 1/16″ aluminum angle to reattach handle.Sentiment is the same regarding this great little cart. I’d easily spend $150 for one. Low center of gravity, etc. makes it fantastic for light duty. new version could be beefed up a little. Anyone got any info on where to get a new one, let me know. I’d be in for two. And yes, they won’t cost near what they did 20 years ago; pay up and be happy.

  114. I have been looking for a replacement EZ cart for about 5 years and can’t find anything even close to it. The size and design was just perfect for me. Why is it so hard for someone to come up with one similar ? And at a reasonable price? I would buy one in a minute!


  115. Any luck in getting the rights to manufacture the E Z Cart?

    • Not yet….. : (

      • Plz let me know how EZ Cart manufacturing project is going. Mine has had wheels broken for years, and when I finally checked the axle, I found that it was frozen. I just cannot throw it away anyway; I have placed it against the back wall of my house, upside down, for the use of a couple of the TNR cats who hang out here. They love it too!! The perfect hiding shelter; sun protection, rain protection, and easy escape in the event of an approaching predator.
        P.S. The person who wrote about fabricating new axle and getting wheels to fit did a great service. I may end up going that way. THANKS, and please add me to the list of ppl asking to be informed of your progress.

      • This is discouraging… I have wanted to get the cart for as long as this blog has been going on… Mine is barely hanging in there… We all agree… It is the best and only cart of its kind… I am thinking of getting some other cart and altering it so it is a reasonable facsimile of the original thing… Discouraging and exasperating… Put me on the list of buyers… $50 is unreasonable… It should be at least $100 or more…

  116. I fixed my EZ cart by putting wheel barrow tires on it, the cart cost me $15 closeout from Walmart, the new tires cost about $30 each, but I have a working cart again.

  117. Keep trying I also love my ezcart. I can’t believe no one makes it. I bought two about twenty years ago and they are still ok. I tell people how much I love this cart and they think I am nuts.

  118. Our E Z Haul Cart has allowed my wife to garden like a pro despite her arthritis. Sadly, the rear support is succumbing to rust. I like the Co-op manufacturing idea if we can’t get Scotts interested in resuming production. Are there any new developments on either of those fronts?

  119. My son gave me the E-Z cart years ago. I still use it. It’s the best cart that my husband and I have had and wish that it would be manufactured again. We’ve purchased other carts, but do not find them as convenient to use. The cart is great for hauling mulch bags, flower pots, plants, etc. I’d buy another one if it was manufactured, because my husband and I seem to want to use the one and only at he same time.

  120. Wow, just stumbled onto this site. Bought mine at a garage sale a few years ago for five dollars. We use the heck out of it pulling weeds on our beach. Sand and rust has eroded the support. I went to a garage sale this morning and they had one in great shape for fifteen. I got ’em down to five. Have faith that you will find one at a garage sale or that aeronm will begin production.

  121. My cart just bit the dust and I would buy another one. It has been monkeyed back together several times but the handles finally rusted and the plastic where they were affixed broke. I have used it for 15 years to put hay in to take to my horses. If anyone ever starts making them or finds a warehouse full of them please put me on the want list.

  122. Couldn’t agree more with the accolades and comments. Would purchase 2 if it ever comes back into production.

  123. I’ll buy 4. What is your update on production!

  124. So its now 2015 and still no cart production?
    New house, New garden in process, and need E-Z cart. I’m happy to have found this blog, about the “discontinued” wonderful little cart.
    I had one several years ago, and of course, loved it, as this community agrees. I need 3 , family looking for them also.
    I’ll keep checking back to see if any new info if available, and /or where to purchase.
    Thanks all

  125. I just now say (April 7, 2015) a advertisment from Home Depot for a Aerocart which is almost exactly like our beloved Republic cart, didn’t show price…whew $159 bucks but it works as a dolly, a folklist. Really cool. I gotta have one of these.

    • Not the same and not nearly as good!

    • I recall seeing the AeroCart a few weeks ago after my EasiCart wheel met a tragic end. That looks to be a useful tool, but due to the axle being close to the end of “barrow compartment”, there isn’t the balance that the EasiCart had, and requires more upper body strength to handle. We got our Easi-Cart in the first place because the Mrs. knew a wheelbarrow would be too much for her, and the EasiCart was a great solution.

  126. Any word on the EZ Cart? I was fortunate to have purchased two when I did… I manufactured a miniature porch swing seat that I mounted on the top… Far end from the handle…facing the handle… Even built a little surrey from half inch PVC pipe to shade the seat and hauled two toddlers around in it in a parade and around the neighborhood and homestead. The dog would hop for a ride too… I LOVE my EZ cart! Can’t find one anywhere…Sadly! …It’s the best little cart I’ve ever used! Flip it over and drag a path in the snow… I use it year ’round. I’m down to two wheels between them… So I only have one working cart… I do a lot of gardening and I use my cart at least every day for that.

  127. Still looking for a ez cart. Any advice

  128. Add me to the list. My 23 year old Easy Cart, exposed fully to the elements its entire life, broke a leg (wheel) yesterday under a heavy load. This has been a great product, worth all of the accolades mentioned above. I hope to learn someday that it will be replicated.

  129. We have two of them about to give it up can’t imagine why there only 25-30 years old and I’ve been using it for a concrete mixer tub for the last two weeks. Going to have to reinforce them one has handle connection problem the other has crack. Still better than anything I can find on the market today. When your 70 years old you you can be picky. Scott’s is missing the boat.

  130. Please add me to the list!!! I have been looking for a replacement for the last 10 years. It truly was the best cart ever made. I have used it for hauling manure, gardening, lugging things around. I am under 100 lbs and I could do everything with this……The balance and ease was amazing!!!!!!

  131. I am still looking for the EZ Cart to be re-produced. Love mine and would buy 2 more if I could. Is there any recent news?

    • I am still looking for a financial backer…. I have my eye on my father in law…. but so far, he’s not budging! Stay tuned!

  132. Instead of tying to get rights to the original, why not build an improved version from scratch? I have one that is ANCIENT and the only problems with it is the steel tubes are rusting through. It needs VERY LITTLE improvement, but those improvements to the basic design concept would get rid of all the “rights” problems. How much could they be sold for? How many of you would want one? Enough for a prototype and a short run to see if it is worth making them? If there is no interest, I am thinking of making one for myself using the original bucket with some small reinforcement and using new corrosion resistant handle and wheel axle.

    • Yes, that is the plan, Hank! I have a design that I am ready to move forward with. Just looking for start-up capital now. Need about $80K to get prototype molds made……. I’ll keep you posted!

      • After my last message I power washed the cart, removed the old axle tube (rusted in two) and made a new one from a piece of galvanized pipe. I used threaded pipe caps as wheel retainers on the outside and hose clamps on the inboard sides of the wheels with large washers on both sides of each wheel. I did need to remove the old wheel bushings and replaced them with Teflon electrical insulators that fit almost perfect (whopping 25 cents each). It rolls easier than new now and the axle is twice the wall thickness and VERY inexpensive. If you want I can send you the details and some photos of what I did. Simple improvements. I have some very inexpensive ways to make the tub too if you are interested. Nice little garage business. Whoever wants you to pay $80K for molds is WAY over priced! There are MUCH simpler ways to do it. I was a NASA engineer (retired now) and $80K sounds like something I would have heard from them.

  133. Hank, would love to see pics of what you did! And I’m all ears if you have a cheaper way of making a mold for the body……..!

    • Long Live the EZ Cart!!!

      • Heather, can you contact me directly and I will get you some details on how to build the cart replacement MUCH more efficiently. If my email isn’t coming through you can also find me through Facebook using my name.

        Hank Jarrett

  134. Moved about 6 yards of soil today with the reworked EZ Cart. Worked great and was MUCH easier to move around with the new design axle and bearings. Adding the new design axle to an improved bucket would be a real winner.


  135. Glad to see these posts are still alive. I sincerely hope you guys figure this out and get a business up and running. I will buy 5-10 of them right off the bat and I’m sure everyone on this post would buy more than one. Please keep me in the loop. Sandy Harrell

  136. Maybe I should rephrase. I can provide a less expensive manufacture method. I am not looking for any payment.

  137. I’ve had my EZ Cart for more years than I can remember, and my wife and I love it. The body has developed stress cracks which I have repaired with metal strips and self taping screws. Recently I had a fire in my barn, and the body is now partially melted on one side and it is lopsided but still working. I don’t have investment capital, but will gladly purchase two of these units from whomever is able to manufacture them.
    Charlie Lyon,

    • Still waiting to hear back from Heather. I am NOT interested in starting a manufacture run of these but have 30 years of engineering experience and have ways to make them again (the equivalent, not an exact copy, we don’t need to be accused of “stealing” the design) that would be less expensive and more durable (not that the original needed much more durability). If anyone wants to start a garage manufacturing business I am willing to help them set up.

      Hank Jarrett

  138. This is Heather–I have no desire to make this wonderful cart but I would love to buy a couple if anyone can produce them.

  139. Anyone else interested in a garage business? I used mine (after making some repairs/mods) to move several TONS of soil this last spring. The space was tight and the cart, a madock and shovel were the only tools that could get in and out. Worked great. This is the best cart I have ever used. A shame it is no longer available.


  140. I’ve been searching for this cart for a year now and just want to chime in that it’s my favorite garden cart and I can’t find another that I like at all after having this one. I too toyed with the idea of manufacturing them myself. I bought mine at Sears many years ago and the wheels have worn out.

    • This is absolutely the best cart ever made! Mine is really ancient, but the fiberglass body has held up perfectly. The wheelspokes were the first to go, but I have a solution for that. Because the perfect size wasn’t available, I bought two nice 12″ wheels from Lowe’s. I scrapped all the axle business on the original, and used a steel rod to replace the axle, which now turns freely. The wheels are placed just outside the body so that they can turn, which of course means the axle is longer than the original. Very simple fix. I’m now waiting for the handle to rust out completely, and I’ll just replace it with properly bent aluminum pipe. I think this thing will outlive me! Now I just have to decide who gets it after I’m gone. . .

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