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amack-72-crop.jpg  Hi, my name is Aeron Mack, and horses are one of my passions.  I have been involved with horses for over 40 years, and have been using Natural Horsemanship techniques for about the last 20 years.  Some of my mentors include Tom Dorrance, with whom I had the pleasure of working before he passed away;  John Lyons, who I have met several times and who continues to inspire me,  Ray Hunt, Buck Brannaman, and many others.  I love to train and teach Natural Horsemanship, and currently have two projects that relate: one is a new riding halter I have invented (patent pending) called the Aeron Riding Halter, and the other is a horse rescue-rehabilitate-and-resell project called “Flip That Horse!” (TM), which I have made into a series, the first episodes of which are now live on youtube.

I love horses and I love to ride.  I’ve created this site to explore and celebrate all things equine!  The site will serve not only as a resource for people interested in learning more about things like natural horsemanship, bitless riding and barefoot horses, it will also serve as my personal journal as I continue on my journey to learn everything I can about horses.

I was born in Norfolk, Virginia, and grew up in northern Virginia, where I currently reside.  I have also lived in England (Wiltshire), Northern California, New York City, Providence, Rhode Island, Greenwhich, MA, and a few other spots around and about.  Virginia is where my heart is, and I continue to find it inspiring, both for my riding, and for my other passion: art.

I love to paint, especially landscapes, and usually work in watercolor or acrylic…. sometimes oil.  I love to paint horses, but I’m not very good at them yet.  You can check out some of my work on my Art page.  Art and riding are my therapy and my passions, and I hope to be doing both till the bitter end!


7 Responses

  1. Hi,

    I am very interested in writing a review on the Aeron riding halter. I am currently using the Cooks BB and love it but am always looking for new ways to go Bitless.

    I do the Product Reviews for my site…www.nchorsenews.com

    we normally have about 3 million hits per month…mostly from the forums, but a lot from advertising, classifieds, etc.

    Feel free to call me at 919 810 7566, peruse our site, (Product Review link is on the bottom right) and let me know if I can purchase one, use it and then send you the review to check out before I publish it.

    Thank you for your time.

    Lorraine Price
    NC Horse News

  2. Great! I look forward to it! Thanks! ~ Aeron

  3. Hey, Aeron. Is this my foxhunting friend? Wow! It was great to see the article about you in the Middleburg Life. What fun “my” kids had out Beagling with you all the other day and what fun to see you out there. I am so happy to know about this side of your life since I am always finding people (including myself) who need some extra help with a training issue. You were so polite and discreet when you saw my horse not wanting to go in the trailer and you mentioned that this is your expertise! Little did I know …

    If you would like the name of the person who has helped me starting my foxhunting horses over fences, let me know. I think you’d like her.

    Look forward to seeing you out hunting — when it stops raining!


  4. Hi Aeron,

    So where do I begin, I have been looking into natural horsemanship for a while now and I love it. I have been watching as many clips (on youtube) from as many different trainers as possible. I found myself drawn to your methods of training. I have watched the whole Sundance series except for episode 10 I can’t find it, but what I am trying to say is that you are very inspiring and I would love to learn from you.

    I want to say thanks for your website and I cannot wait to purchase the Aeron riding halter and reins.


  5. Hi Aeron,

    My name is Jameson and I am a 20 year old college student. I am from the Northern Neck of Virginia. I have a life-long background in riding and about a three year background in doing some training. I am interested in expanding my knowledge of training. Im thinking of looking for an internship/working student type of situation with a natural horsemanship trainer in Virginia. Know anyone?

  6. hey Aeron,

    my name is Bridget and i am 20 years old. i am currently an intern at Friesians of Majesty farm in Vermont. i am looking though to intern someone under natural horsemanship. would you happen to know any good names to suggest? i’m not too picky about location. thanks so much for your time!

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