Photo Gallery

Here are some of the horses I have had the pleasure of owning & loving over the years…

This is Martini, a connemara cross I bought when I lived in England in 1990 & 1991.  She loved to gallop!  I hunted her once with the Duke of Beaufort Hunt……  we had many fun adventures together exploring the english countryside.

Here is Indy, my first rescue/rehab project.  His problems were more behavioral; physically, he was in ok shape. He had been started (badly) at the track and was pretty crazy. He also would not load in a trailer… reared over backwards, etc.  But not for long!

Here is Indy at our first show in Santa Cruz.  Such a pretty boy!  He was eventually sold to a hunter rider as a show horse. I think he did the 3′ Amateur Owner division…

Here’s our boy eventing at Novice Level at Windance Farm in Pescadero, CA.

Vogue photo

Here’ my next and most dramatic rescue/rehab… my girl Lily.  This is how I found her in May of 1994:

She had wire tangled in her main, and huge chunks out of her hooves….

Here she is after a few months in my care!

Having a romp and a roll in the arena….

She is now 21 and retired, and will be with me till her last day.

This just in! Lily has been unretired after 5 years and this is her competing last weekend at her first event in over 5 years!! Not only that, she is competing in my Aeron Riding Halter!

Lily stadium

Lily stadium 2

Here’s one of my favorite all-time horses…. Claire, a Connemara.  Her mom, Balius Kerry Blue was famous for being the first pony (14.2HH) to compete at the advanced level in recognized eventing……  here are Claire and I competing at the Novice Level at CTETA in Woodside, CA.  Boy was she fun! She hunted, too.

Sherri Scott Photo

Here is my girl Zoe (aka “Orchard Hill’s Funny Princess”)…  she was the over-all Reserve Champion Connemara on the west coast in 1996.

Caroline Fyffe photo

Here is Zoe “the Zebra” competing at the Halloween Event at Windance Farm in Pescadero, CA in 1996.

Sherri Scott photo

Zoe The Zebra on cross country:

Sherri Scott photo

Here is Zoe “the Cow” competing the following year (97) at the same Halloween event….  amazingly, that udder survived the whole day, cross country, dressage, and stadium!!!!  Good ole Zoe.  She put up with a lot!

Sherri Scott photo

Even had a real cow bell….  you should have heard our dressage test!

Sherri Scott photo

Here’s a pic I took out hunting with Los Altos one day down at Paicinas Ranch…. huntsman Kris Mikkelsen on the right, Cindy Martin on the left, and one of the Baxter girls in the middle.  What a great day!

Here is Honey, my field hunter, trying out her western attire:

Beagle/basset puppy Daisy and uncle Swizzle (dachshund mix) having a nap:


11 Responses

  1. Hey Aeron, nice blog. I’m still looking to buy one of your bitless bridles, let me know when you have time to do a demo, Diego is at Madcap farm, right behind you I think.

  2. How cute! I want to show so bad!

  3. It’s good to know that people like you are out there to help these horses.

  4. hiya aeron. Dont suppose you remember giving me your card at maryalice matheson’s when we met there for dinner. Have found it in my holdall and have just spent a pleasurable half hour browsing your website. Well done its very interesting and informative. Maybe see you next year! Regards kathy

    • Hi Kathy, Of course I remember! Are you back on the other side of the pond then? When’s the next visit back here? It was nice meeting you, and thanks for checking out my website. I am missing England this time of year… I lived in Wiltshire in ’90 & ’91….. Would love to come back for a visit one day. Take care, Best, Aeron

  5. Do you know what Uncle Swizzle is mixed with? I have a ‘Winston’ that looks EXACTLY like him and we are trying to figure out what he could be. They told us at the rescue that he was dachshund mix, but he’s really tall so we are skeptical. That picture is adorable by the way! I wish we could get Winston to snuggle like that!

    • Hi Dawn… yes, we were told (at the pound in Northern VA where we rescued Swizzle) that he was part dachshund too! But we don’t know what the other half is… they guessed maybe a hound of some sort. Swizzle is quite tall as well. Send me a pic of Winston!

  6. hi aeron,

    i’ve been riding my new Arabian in the barn. He was given to me as a gift from a relative and from day one have found a very special bond. I have been riding him with my friends riding halter, which looks similar to yours but with a fiador knot to lead with as well. I want to take things slow with him, he is very sensitive, or quiet…like he stops when i stop riding and breath out. He has been riden with a bit, but for now I would love to just ride him bitless since he is doing so well. out of the barn will be different I am sure, but so far we seem to do great. My one question is with the knots. If he gets them up to close to his cheek bone and they rest on it, it bugs him. In some of your photos I notice the halter going up on that bone, is that a big deal? I might like to try out your halter.

    • Hi Jen,
      Good for you for riding him in a bitless to see how he does. The knots around the nose shouldn’t bother him when the reins are loose and you are just plunking along. He should only notice them when you pick up on the opposite rein and start to pull….. you shouldn’t be pulling with both reins at the same time, so the halter shouldn’t ride up. If your reins are attached to the fiador knot, and it’s swinging back and forth, then yes, he may get bothered by it (mine do). That’s why my halter doesn’t have the fiador knot, just the rings on the side…. Some people have put a little fleece on the underside of the knots.. maybe you could try that if he’s really sensitive. Good luck! ~Aeron

  7. Our dog (molly mae) looks just like swizzle too (maybe slightly darker)! We have no idea what combination makes up molly mae, but we’ve always wondered.

  8. I loved this photo!! I have adopted a 2
    year old beagle/basset mix named Tobey. He is now around 4 1/2 and extremely outgoing considering he was extremely abused. It took me 2 months to be in the same room
    with him and I just look at him
    and he can barely contain himself. He’s sooooooo happy!!! Keep up
    the good work

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