The Aeron Riding Halter

The Aeron Riding Halter I do a lot of riding in a halter.  I mean a LOT!  90% of the time when I ride, I am riding in a halter.    I had long ago realized that my horses went better without a bit in their mouths.  They were happier, and even calmer, when I rode them without a bit (for more on bitless riding, check out my links, and I encourage you to read Dr. Cook and Dr. Strasser’s book “Metal in the Mouth”).

I tried many different types of bitless bridles….  but none of them seemed to meet my needs.  So I ended up just riding all the time in my rope halter. One day, riding down the trail, I noticed a few things that bothered me about the halter.  Firstly, when my horse was walking out at a nice forward pace, the halter, with the reins tied to the fiador knot under the chin, would begin to swing back and forth to the point where it was nearly smacking my horse in the head.  Not only was my horse annoyed, I spent the whole time trying to pick up the reins to counter-act the swinging.  Also, I noticed that when my horse would graze or drink, he had an uncanny ability to step on the end of the lead/reins (tied in an emergency release knot, of course) and untie them.  I also noticed that when we were doing work at speed or jumping, I did not have the precision control I was looking for…

Other types of rope halters and side-pulls had problems.  For example, in a rope side-pull, the rings are placed on the noseband too high, so that the halter will ride up the horse’s face when pulling on the reins as seen in this illustration:


So, I went to work designing something that would work better, and came up with what I now call the Aeron Riding Halter.  It is based on the traditional rope halter, but with several key improvements:  I eliminated the bulky fiador knot altogether.  Instead, I added two additional blood knots further down on the noseband, and attached two rings.  The design is so unique, I have a patent pending. Now, it was possible to use the halter both to train in and to ride in, with the convenience of being able to simply clip on reins and go.  Then I made some reins out of nice yacht rope that worked perfectly with the halter.  I call them the Aeron Perfect Reins.  Now, this system is all I use for training and riding.  It’s the most convenient way to ride, and I am hoping others will agree!  A riding halter is $35.99 plus shipping ( $9.95 for US shipping). To order a riding halter, email me at  You can also buy the matching reins for $39.99 plus $9.95 shipping.  If you buy a set (both the halter and the reins) you SAVE $5.00, plus save $5.00 on the shipping!  The set (including shipping) is $82.93.  Order  your set today!


A Few General Safety Rules for Rope Halters

Please keep in mind that rope halters of any kind are usually not breakable, and therefore certain precautions must be taken.  For example, NEVER turn a horse out in a rope halter.  The halter can get caught on something, or worse, the horse can get his foot in it and really hurt himself or worse.  Never leave a horse in a rope halter unattended for the same reasons. If your horse is not 100% okay with being tied, just loop your lead loosely around the post, or tie it to a piece of bailing twine that will break in an emergency.  Also, I take the time to teach all my horses what to do in an emergency. They are all used to walking around with the leadrope dragging on the ground, so that this doesn’t spook them.  Also I do excercises wrapping the rope around their legs to teach them to yield to pressure instead of panic and fight it.  A very good example of the benefits of this was demonstrated in one of John Lyons’ videos, where he has his stallion Zip walk over a metal folding chair lying on it’s side…. it is incredible to watch the stallion stepping in between the legs of the chair, and slowly and carefully step out of it.   Amazing!  In general, anything that sets off that little “I wonder if this is safe?” voice in your head should alert you to a potential safety problem.  There is a short tutorial on How To Start Using A Riding Halter on the links to the right.

Here is a recent picture of my 21-year-old TB mare Lily competing in the riding halter.  Even though this one was a little large on her, you can see that it still doesn’t ride up the face the way side-pulls do, even when galloping and jumping!

Lily cross country jump 72

Here is what people are saying about this halter:

I absolutley love it! It fits her beautifuly! No more raw spots from the halter. I thank you and my baby does too..she didnt even get upset when I put it on her! It was so light weight and alows her skin to breath..thanx again and your videos have been a tremendous help to me and I have established a much better relationship and communication with my horse..thanx again! YOU ROCK! -Kimberly B.


100 Responses

  1. Great, great idea! I’ve done lots of riding in halters. recently found a bitless/rope halter, bridle combination from Sunset Halters in Washington. You may want to take a look.

  2. Looks like you may have come up with the perfect riding halter. I recently bought an “Indian bridle” attachement to replace my standard rope halter for riding. I wish I’d seen yours first!

    Does the halter come in different sizes? Do you make them as they’re ordered so color and size can be chosen? What colors do you generally have available? I really like royal blue, black and red are 2nd and 3rd.

    I hope you are successful in marketing your riding halter, I’ll tell my friends about it.


  3. Oh, just wanted to mention that I do 50 and 100mile rides in a standard rope halter, but your will definitely be an improvement.


  4. Thanks, Kathy! Yes, the halter comes in three sizes: Pony, Horse, and Warmblood. The halters are somewhat adjustable, so if you get the closest size, you can customize it. I always have black available (the most popular color) but I can get other colors (blue, green red, white, purple and a few others)… it just takes a few days longer. Thanks again! ~Aeron

  5. does the bridle come with reins? I’m excited about trying this on my thoroughbred mare who I’m sure would prefer a bitless ride!! Thanks

  6. I have recently added a fourth size….. Due to popular demand (!) I am now offering an “Arab” sized halter. They are flying off the shelves, so thanks, everyone!! ~Aeron

  7. My guy loves this halter! He’s a former bucker who very happily cruises down the trail bitless. Now he can trot along without getting his face banged, and he can munch on the side of the trail without my fear of his stepping on that big knot. Well done, Aeron!

  8. Do these stretch like other rope halters?

  9. Hi Carol,
    As far as I know (which may not be a lot!), the rope itself doesn’t stretch, however, the halters do increase in size slightly as the knots (all hand-tied) tighten.

  10. I would like to get one of these halters, but I need to use it with mecate reins and slobber straps. Could the halter be made with larger rings yo attach the slobber straps?


    • Just came across this site and posts. Did you order the riding halter with larger rings for your slobber straps? If so, how do you like using it with the slobber straps attached? Did you order the matching snap reins as well? Just wondering because I recently tried slobber straps with mecate reins attached to a bit until I came across this website for a riding halter which I think I would prefer instead of a bit.

      • Hi Diane, the rings I use are probably too small for regular slobber straps, although you could always customize the slobber straps to fit, as they are leather. The rings do accommodate most reins, and are made especially for my clip-on reins, although any clip-on reins will work.

  11. Hi Belinda,
    Yes, I can have a halter made with larger rings. Just let me know if you would like stainless or brass rings, and I’ll check and make sure my manufacturer can get them. You can email me directly at


  12. I would like to purchase one of these halter/bridles, but i need a stiffer rope & if possible double knots across the nose. I’m training & trail riding mules & they seem to respond better with the stiffer rope halters. Please, see if your manufacturer can build one with your invention on a stiffer rope (not soft).
    Thank You

  13. Yup, my manufacturer says we can do a stiffer rope no problem! Extra knots also not a problem! We aim to please!

  14. I am so happy to come across your website. I use a parelli halter to ride in, but the 12′ lead rope gets in my way and is difficult to hold. Also, my horse is english so steers directly, does your design make that any easier since the reins come off the side a little bit?

  15. Yes, my halter does make it a little easier for horses who are used to direct-rein signals. It’s also less bulky because you don’t have all that weight from the knots under the chin. My horses like it a lot better! ~Aeron

  16. I have just recently purchased a Yearling Cremola. I bought her at Auction and have had my share of issues! I havent actually trained or ridden a horse in several years. I came across your website and watched your videos on finally have a idea of how to get back into the game! Thank you so much for the time you took to make those very helpful videos! I live on a 7 acre lot and have a huge stable and want to add several more horses later next spring, I wanted to break my horse myself and was completly at a loss till I watched your videos..thanx again..and my horse silver thanks you too!! I will be ordering one of your halters soon..she is halter trained, by me..I remembered how to do that but it was difficult..wish I had seen your videos first..goodluck..with your site..i hope its up for many years to come!!

  17. Hi Aeron,

    Your video is great and it really helped me a lot!

    I was wondering if I can switch from my regular bit bridal to your bitless riding halter? I would love to get the bits out of my horses mouths. Is it too late to change at this point? One horse is an Arabian who is drissage trained and the other is a cutting horse.

    Thanks for all you are doing for our great horse friends.

    • Hi, just wanted to let you know that I changed straight from bit to bit less without a single fuss. My horse was less stressed and I was worried less. Also so easy to put on. No bending the poor horses ears. I was reluctant at first cause I’m just learning and have an Arab but I never looked back. Hope that helps.

  18. I really like the looks of your bridal, I use a Pareli riding halter and really like it, execpt the swinging of the ropes! What I would like to know though, is can the horse be tied from it as easily as a regular halter? That is one of the best things about my Pareli halter is that there is the lead attached for tieing.

  19. I am with cissie, is it to late to go natural for a 14 year old mare?

    • It’s never too late!!! Just take it in small steps… older horses may have more “damage” or bad habits, so it just might take a little longer, but it’s worth it!

  20. Hi Aeron:

    Just happened to come across your web-site just in the nick of time. I inherited 3 ponies, 7 year old stallion(the father) 6 year old mare (mother) and a 2 year old mare (daughter). None of these horses have ever had halters on, nor much human contact. A friend suggested to lasso them to get halters on, I was really not wanting to do this, then I found your site. Within 2 days all the ponies are coming to me and letting me pat their heads and run my hands around their heads. The stallion especially likes under his chin. Thanks for your site and the videos. Really appreciated.

  21. Hi Again:
    Also have a registered peruvian paso who is 15 years old, she has never had a bit in her mouth in her life. I’m not really familiar with rope halters, will this work for her with trail riding.

  22. I have a chunky Fijord pony, about 14 hands high, with quite a big pony head, I wonder what size she would take in your rope riding halter?

    • Hi Margo,
      I would try the Horse size first. It seems to fit most, and it is slightly adjustable in either direction to tweak the sizing a bit. Let me know if you want to order one, or you can always get one at one of the tack shops that have started to carry them, like the Galloping Grape in Warrenton, VA or Horse and Harmony in Great Britain! Thanks! ~Aeron

  23. Hi. I have been researching bitless bridles & natural horse training (will be getting 2 new horses in 2 weeks!) Yours is the best I’ve seen so far, but one question- of the types I’ve seen there are 2 variations. One criscrosses under the chin so that when you pull on a rein it puts pressure on the opposite side (simulating a matriarch’s push.) The other pulls the side the rein is on, more similar to a bit, which the horse may already be used to. The crisscrossed style can be converted to a pull style. Can you explain these variations or make a suggestion please…. Thanks!

    • Good question! I am happy to explain the difference: The cross-under style is based on a design similar to the one used in Dr. Cook’s Bitless Bridle. When you pull on the reins, the horse feels a squeeze (or “hug”) over the whole face, including noseband, cross-under straps, and at the poll. All these areas are acted on when you pull on the rein. The Aeron Riding Halter operates on direct pressure. When you pull on one rein, the horse feels pressure from the knot on the opposite side of the nose, as well as some secondary pressure on the noseband. Here’s the big difference: when the horse does what you have asked (e.g. turn), and you release the rein pressure, the cross-under style bridles are slow to release. What ends up happening is, even though you have released the pressure like you should, the horse does not feel a timely release of pressure, and can get frustrated. This is especially true for horses who are trained using Natural Horsemanship techniques. Timing is everything, and if the timing of the release is off, your horse is not learning properly, and can actually become frustrated. My riding halter, and all direct-pressure bridles (including bitted bridles), release instantly when you give on the rein. The timing of this release is VERY important, so for that reason, I would not use a cross-under style bridle.

      • PS Just FYI, several halter manufacturers are doing cross-under style rope halters to avoid infringing on my patent. I appreciate this, as there are also several less scrupulous people out there directly copying my halter.

  24. Thanks so much for the info! Knowing that yours works on pressure & release, with a timely release versus the crisscross style- makes all the difference. I also appreciate understanding where the pressure is applied. I just want to understand & do the best for my horses. I will be ordering some from you soon (I would much rather get it from someone like you than others I’ve seen!) I have a peruvian paso/ hackney mix pony (13.2 hh) who is petite- should I order the pony size or horse & adjust smaller? Thanks again!

  25. Dear Aeron,

    I saw you at the 2008 Va Equine extravaganza and purchased your riding halter. I have a horse that is a nervous wreck with any bit in his mouth. I was somewhat fearful of riding in “just a halter”, but got up the courage to do it anyway and I could not believe the difference in my horse. His head went level, and the nervousness disappeared like magic. It truly was amazing. Now I ride him everywhere in it–he is very light with it and I just wanted to thank you for encouraging me to try it. It is a wonderful product.

  26. Hey Aeron — showing my friend your website and my computer went flooey, so we couldn’t see the video. Her name is Mary Marks. She may be contacting you about trailer loading. Can you email me your number so I can give it to her? Thanks

    Enjoyed seeing you on Sat.

  27. How do you pay for this? By paypal or money order, etc?

  28. Do you have any more headshots of the halter?

  29. I have ridden in a rope hackamore for a few years now after abandoning the bit entirely. But for the reasons you state – the knot and the lead rein – I am always looking for something else. I am based in the UK though – do you have a UK distributor?


    • Hi Johanna,
      Horse and Harmony used to carry them… I’m not sure if they have any left (they haven’t ordered any in quite a while), but it’s worth a try… they are in Aberdeenshire. My contact there was Katja. Good luck! ~ Aeron

  30. Hi Aeron,
    I have sent them an email, but no reply yet. I had a look on their website too but your halter is not mentioned, so I dont suppose they are selling them anymore.

    Would you consider sending one to me direct?


    • Hi Johanna,
      Unfortunately, I am out of them at the moment… I am looking for a new manufacturer to make some more for me… I’ll keep you posted… meanwhile, check back here now and again in case I get some news…

  31. hello i been looking at your halter i am interested in it because me horse is abit headshy and i crnt get a bridle on her or get a bit in her mouth but i need sum control soo i go hackin on my own but i live in the uk and i am wondering how much will it cost??

    • Hi Emma,
      They cost around $35US so about £20. They used to carry them at Horse and Harmony in Aberdeenshire… don’t know if they still have any… I’m sold out at the moment….. sorry to say!

  32. New Zealand Shipping costs:
    Now much would it be to purchase your wonderful halter with lead reins and ship them both to New Zealand?

    • Hi Carolyn,
      Unfortunately I am out of halters at the moment, and desperately searching for a new manufacturer to make some for me… I will post here to my website when I get some more in…

  33. just wondering how much it would cost in AUD to get a halter and a set of clip on reins sent to Australia postcode 7263 ?


    • Hi Jodie, Unfortunately I am out of halters at the moment and still looking for a new manufacturer….. I will keep you all posted as soon as I find out when I’m getting more in! Thanks, and stay safe! ~Aeron

  34. Rescued a Belgian. Resists bit. Do you have draft horse size in black? I can’t tell from the picture just where the reins are attached. Are there side rings? Is there a brochure with diagram that could be sent to Sister Maria,
    Windrow Sanctuary, 64 Ray’s Point, Milbridge, Maine 04658. Thank you.

  35. are you selling your halters again. i have been using the Dr. Cook western bitless. my horse does fine in it but I donot like the cross straps. they become twisted sometimes and i know this must be uncomfortable.

  36. I too, would like to know if you are selling the halters and if so, how do I purchase one.

    • Hi Leone, I am currently looking for a reliable manufacturer to make them for me… I’ll keep you posted!!! Thanks…..!!

  37. I was wondering if you had started to sell these again yet. I would love to get one for my mare.

  38. Hi Aeron.
    Can you email me when you find a manufacturer? I ride in the Parelli rope halter all the time, but the snaps tend to pop my poor girl in the face! I would love to have this for her!
    Smiles, Kara

  39. Just bought my first horse yesterday. I rode him with a halter as I had no bridle for him. He seemed calm enough, although a little hard to control. Today I bought and tried a bridle with bit and he seemed much more uncomfortable. Still had riding issues with him. So I tried looking up riding horses with a halter and your website popped up first. Very impressive. Have you found a manufacturer yet? I’d be interested in getting one here in Australia, 2569. Thanks, Jason

    • Hi Jason, I should have some news soon about getting more halters in….. might be after our Thanksgiving holiday – but soon! I’ll keep you posted. Thanks! ~Aeron

  40. Hi Aeron,
    Very interested in your halter/bridle. I have a 16h TWH 10 year old gelding. Please let me know when you start selling again.


  41. hi, please let me know when you have more riding halters in, i am buying a 9 year old ,16hh quarter horse next week and would like to go bitless from the start. I need shipping to Alberta Canada,

  42. Hi,
    I also emailed you, but i will post here as well in you check this more often. I am very interested in your halters, Im hoping you are making them again.
    Please email me

  43. Great Design, from a simple idea. Makes life so much simpler. As a kid I used to often ride in a halter, especially to go swimmning, your design would have been appreciated!

  44. I’ve watched almost all your videos of Sun Dance, and you’ve helped me to get a better idea on how to train my horse. I just bought a 1 year old quarter horse filly that I’d like to train to ride English, but I live in South Texas were they don’t ride English very often if at all and all the trainers for western use harsh methods that I don’t believe in. Anyways, I’d really prefer to train her to use a bitless riding halter, have you thought of maybe selling through Tractor Supply? As far as I know, they seem to have stores nationwide. It would really like to get one, in tan if available.

  45. […] Aeron Riding Halter Anyone ever use one? It doesnt slide up the horse's face, and there is no knot under the chin etc. here is a link: The Aeron Riding Halter Natural Horsemanship […]

  46. Hi,
    I am interested in trying your riding halter and wondering if you are selling them again.

    I’m wondering about collecting the horse up to get her gait. I have Rocky Mountain Horses and they are really not supposed to drop their head or have their nose out while gaiting.


  47. I am bringing home to belgians this weekend and am interested in training and riding bitless. Can you make a couple for my larger breed?

    • Hi Tammy… I am still out of halters at the moment… I will post here as soon as I get some more!!!! : )

  48. Any halters for sale yet?

    • SOON! I have found someone to make some, and she should be sending me a batch soon!!! : )

      • Hi Aeron, I just found your site while searching for bitless bridles. I would love to try one. Please contact me when they are ready for sale.

  49. Please contact me as well.

  50. Are you taking orders yet?

  51. Any luck yet finding a manufacturer? Would love to order one of your halters!

  52. Hi Aeron,

    So Happy for you & All of us that you are at the end of your trail quest! Wanted to let you know our new e-mail. Thanks, Looking forward to buying your wonderful B.B.

    Whinnies & Woofs, Barbara & Mike O’Connor

  53. looking forward to your follow up comments

    mike & barbara

  54. I would like to get one of your halters. Where do i order one. Debbie.

    • Hi Debbie, My new manufacturer is making me a batch now. Send me your email address and I will put you on the list to get one when they get in. I’m not sure how long this will take…. (she is also moving, so very busy!)… but I will keep you posted. Thanks!

  55. Hi,is there a tab on your website to order a riding halter? I need to orderone for my daughter small horse 580 lbs. Will the pony size fit or do you have another suggestion? How soon till I can get this item? Thanks! Diane

  56. I would love to purchase one but don’t see any on ebay. Do you have any available?

  57. Are these still available?

  58. At the moment, just black….. I hope to add the other colors again once we get more caught up with the back orders!

  59. How do we get one with reins and what is the cost ?

  60. I live in the UK and would love a riding halter, please tell me how I get one , many thanks, Julie and my horsey gang xx

  61. Hi, I’m looking for a rope halter that can be used to ride in for a mini horse. My 4 year old rides her, she is an awesome sweet little mini, but has plenty of energy and also likes to eat. I don’t want to put a bit in her mouth anymore but, she is not responding too well sometimes with a regular halter. Do you have one that fits a average sized mini? and do you think that she would have more control with your rope halter than a regular halter.

    • Hi Lisa, I do have a “pony” sized halter, but I don’t think it’s small enough for a mini…. that is something I’m going to look into….. if I can get some measurements, I could have my haltermaker custom-make one…….

      • Where and how do I measure? How long would it take if I ordered one custom? There are other rope halters made for Mini’s but I like your design.

  62. Hi I’m really interested in your riding halter do you still offer them and would you ship to uk

  63. Hi there, I am VERY interested in your riding halter. I am wondering how stiff the halter rope is. There are varying types of cording used, and I really need a SOFT, flexible, parelli type of rope halter.
    Are yours similar to them?
    Thank you,

    • Hi Nancy! My halters are made from the same, soft, high-quality yachting rope that the top trainers use….. it is really nice stuff! If you are interested, you can email me at for more info or to order…… thanks!! ~Aeron

      • Hi there, sorry its taken me so long to get back to you … I do want to order a riding halter but it needs to be Arabian size. If you have them in stock, let me know how to order one again. Thank you!

  64. I have Arab size in stock! Email me at to order!

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