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Here are the items currently for sale in the tack shop:

The Aeron Riding Halter


This fabulous rope riding halter is a halter and bitless bridle in one.  The design is so unique, I have received a Provisional Patent! Perfect for natural horsemanship enthusiasts, as well as trail riding and endurance riding.  Based on the traditional natural horsemanship-style halter, but with several important improvements:  I have eliminated the bulky fiador knot under the chin, and replaced it with two blood knots on either side.  Attached to these two blood knots are two rings, to which you simply clip your reins and go.  So easy, and so sleek, it is also safer as the horse is less likely to step on the reins when grazing.  Available for sale by contacting me at for $35.99 plus $9.95  for US shipping (international customers, email me for shipping prices). Right now I have only black in stock, but hope to add additional colors soon! They are made from the highest quality yacht rope, are machine washable, and will last for years. Sizes are: Warmblood, Horse, Arab and Pony.  ORDER NOW! I accept SquareCash, Paypal, check or money orders. (You will receive a $1.50 rebate if using a payment method other than Paypal).

The Aeron Riding System Perfect Reins rope-reins-for-aeron-halter-72.jpg

I have designed the perfect reins!  They are made from the same high-quality yacht rope you have come to love, and are 9 feet long…. long enough to allow your horse to graze or drink while mounted.  They are soft and supple with the live feel you love… easy to grip, machine washable…  they come in black, white, or purple, with brass or silver (nickel) scissor snaps.  Order a pair today by emailing me: A bargain at $39.99 plus $9.95 for US shipping (international customers, email me for shipping prices).  They will last forever, and can double as a leadrope. Just don’t swing it please, as there is a snap on the end instead of a leather popper! Again, I take SquareCash, Paypal, check or money order. (You will receive a $1.50 rebate if using a payment method other than Paypal). Just email me and let me know what you want!

Get the SET!!! Save $6.00


Buy the set and save $6.00.  I know you will love this system as much as I do.  It’s all I ever use! Makes a great gift for your trail riding and endurance pals…. only $69.98 plus $12.95 for for US shipping (international customers, email me for shipping prices). Order today by contacting me:

Now Available!

I have put the first 10 Episodes of my reality training series “Flip That Horse!” on a DVD for your viewing convenience!  Join me as we take our first project, a palomino filly named Sundance, from un-catchable, un-halterbroke to a willing partner under saddle.  Also includes the bonus Trailer Loading Episode! The DVD is only $12.95 plus $3.95 S&H.  Makes a great gift for your horsey pals!  Email me to

NEW! Trailer Loading the Difficult Loader

The is the full version (45 minute) DVD that will show you, step by step, a gentle yet effective way to teach ANY horse to load in the trailer.  Every horse owner should have this video.  Only $12.95 plus $3.95 S&H. To order, email me at:


Really cool Sea Horse Hoof Picks (Currently out of stock…… I’ll keep you posted on when I get more!)……
Temporarily out of stock

Made from real recycled horse shoes, they work better than traditional hoof picks, will last forever, and make excellent gifts for your horse-crazy friends, riding instructor, etc.  Each one is different, no two are alike, and they all have a natural patina (dirt, rust, etc) from having been worn by a real horse. Just $19.99 plus $2.50 for US shipping (international customers, email me for shipping prices). To order, email me: You’ll love these!



16 Responses

  1. Hi, I think your riding halter is the answer for a horse who will tolerate a halter but not a bridle around her sensitive ears I would like to order one. Susi

  2. Hi, do you have those horse hoof picks again? Last time I checked,you didn’t have any, thought, I ask again, thanks

  3. Could you make a draft size? I have a Belgian gelding who is undergoing some training and it would help alot.


  4. I’ve just started riding my 3 year old quarter horse and so far have only ridden him in the Clinton Anderson rope halter I’ve done all his training in. Is your rope riding halter made of the same stiffness of rope and have knots in the same pressure point areas? He’s such a responsive horse that I’d really like to keep him out of a bit as long as possible, but I’d like to have the more direct side-pull action your riding halter offers. Also, do you offer instructions on how to properly fit the riding halter to your horse? I await your response! 🙂

  5. I like going bitless. I have used rubber hackamore for my mare and she’s quiet and responsive, she likes it better than a bit in her mouth. What the difference between this rope and hackamore? which would be the best? and which wouldn’t hurt the horse’s nose?

  6. my mom is trying to order your training dvd about sundance and all my e-mails seem to fail to send please get back to me asap my mom realy needs it for her horse thank you

  7. I want to order the aeron riding halter and reins in black, but I don’t find a section to place my order. I also do not have Pay Pal. I could send a check, but you don’t display an address. Please advise me about how I can place and order and pay for it. Thank you. I hope someone has a chance to answer this email today. Doug Curnutte

    • Hi Doug, Sorry I was out of town on my annual family vacation and just saw your comment. I am still out of halters at the moment – I have not had much luck finding a new manufacturer to make them for me. Please keep in touch and I will let you know as soon as I get some in. My email is

    • Hi Doug, if you are still interested, I have some halters in stock… black, Horse Size… if you are interested, email me at

  8. We have been attempting to contact you about your halter, reins and dvd. We met at the Saddlery Liquidation flea market earlier this summer and discussed getting together as we live in Warrenton. Please let us know if you still carry the products or should we go someplace else? Thanks Joel

  9. hello aeron, my name is kim. i watched your show for the first time last night.. i liked the one with the double knots on top of the nose with a slip thru chin strap. was that you? if so i would like to get one and a price and mailing address

  10. Great stuff!

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