Upcoming Clinics

This will be a list of upcoming clinics in the Virginia, DC, Maryland, North Carolina and Pennsylvania area.  (I may expand this at some point…). 

Also, I may do a clinic on bitless riding at some point here in northern Virginia… keep an eye on this page for more info/updates.


4 Responses

  1. We are hosting Natural Horsemanship Trainer GaWaNi Pony Boy at our facility on May 15-16th 2010. There is more information on or web site.

  2. Hello Aeron,
    I have just one question:

    Are you willing to travel to do a workshop to work a horse? Of course, including all costs and materials needed.

    After watching your videos, I just have a lot of trust and a lot of faith your techniques of course in our area horses are hardly ever worked with or thought of, I just see it as a lost talent and art that could bring responsibility and respect back to our community from a lot of differernt aspects. Which is why I would like you to come to our area to do a workshop!

    Thank you,

  3. Are you still in business? I plucked up and found your site while surfing, but all of the postingss are quite dated. Let me know, please. Lynn

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