PMU Rescue Idea…….

Okay, here’s what I’m thinking….  there are a LOT of horses out there needing to be rescued.  Meanwhile, there are a lot of people here, in Middleburg, looking for nice, quite field hunters. So here’s my idea:

I want to start a large-scale rescue operation here, which focuses on re-homing horses that are otherwise most likely bound for slaughter. The PMU horses are ideal field hunters, because a lot of them are draft or draft crosses (the PMU farmers like them because they produce the most urine).

My goal is to rescue PMU horses, and then put them through a program where they would be trained, using Natural Horsemanship techniques, to become field hunters.  They can also be used for trail riding, etc., but they really do make nice field hunters as they are so sturdy and quiet.

The horses can be shipped here one truckload at a time.  The horses can then have 30 days to re-acclimate while they are checked for health, soundness, and suitability.  Then they start their NH training, which covers everything from ground-work to breaking to trailering to foxhunting.  By summer they will be ridden on trail rides and by fall they will start cubbing.

To do this, I would need a farm with several hundred acres of grass for turnout, a barn, a ring, a roundpen, and access to trails. Since I would not want to charge a large price for these horses (the number one goal is to find them new homes, not to make money on them), I would probably need to apply for 501c3 status as a charitable rescue.  Fundraising would be critical, so I would need someone to help me with that.  I would also need a regular staff of helpers/riders to take care of the horses and help train and ride them.  I could offer internships for students, as well as have a few people on staff full-time.

I am just starting to think about this idea…. it’s similar to what I have done in the past, only on a much larger scale…  not sure it would work, but it might.  I bring to the table many many years of experience in Natural Horsemanship and foxhunting.  I am in the prime location, the foxhunting capital of the US, to sell to potential buyers. Also, the access to trails, vets, shoers, etc. here is second to none.

Now, all I need is a few beneficial angels, and we can get this thing started….  know anyone who might be interested?  Have them email me!  The initial start-up costs would be high, but the benefits would be priceless…


4 Responses

  1. Good luck with your idea. Unfortunately Pfizer and Wyeth will only allow PMU horses to be sold through the NAERIC – foals can no longer be “rescued” directly from the farms. This started in December 2010. If the farmers are “found out” that they are selling foals to anyone other than the NAERIC, the farmers will loose their contracts.

    You can help us with generating a letter writing campaign to your congressmen, senators and state attorney generals to pressure Pfizer and Wyeth into stopping this strong arm tactic. Unfortunately, do to this strong arm pressure tactic, thousands of foals will no longer be available for sale and will end up on Japanese tables as steak.

    You can get a copy of the letter at the face book page PMU Foals.

    Good luck with your venture, I hope you can make a difference.

  2. well here in north dakota there are alot of previous pmu horses waiting for homes or starvation to take them.I think your idea is a great one.On another note are you still selling your halter bridles ?

  3. How did this work out..what a great idea!

  4. Hi there! I love your site! I currently have a PMU rescue from Canada. He is a Clyde/TB and is quite possibly the best horse I’ve ever known. He’s big, strong, and can do ANYTHING. It would be truly great if all those poor foals could find good homes and show off how awesome they are!

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