Horse Rescue & Adoption Info

There are many many ways interested persons can help with horse rescue….  from donating money to local rescue organizations to adopting wild mustangs to giving an ex-racehorse a second chance in life….  below are some links to sites which all deal with horse rescue in one form or another… check them out!


Wild Horse Rescue and Adoption Sites:

Wild Horses of Theodore Roosevelt National Park –  check out the awesome photos of these incredible horses

Bureau of Land Management Wild Mustang and Burro info –  info about round-ups and adoptions

The Cloud Foundation – a wonderful blog from a non-profit group in Colorado


Thoroughbred and Racehorse Rescue and Adoption:

Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation –   one of our local groups dedicated to giving ex-racehorses a new lease on life.  Be sure to check out this video by good family friend Will Snyder about how ex-racehorses are helping prison inmates gain new job skills.

ReRun Horse Rescue & Adoption — serving New York and New Jersey

CANTER – a non-profit rescue group with chapter in many states

Thoroughbred Retirement Directory – Find an organization near you…. there are many to choose from!


PMU Horse Rescue

PMU Rescue Org – lets you search for PMU horses and look at photos…..

Dreamchaser Horse Rescue – some of these stories will break your heart….

The Animali Farm – great pics of horses you can adopt, or you can donate money via Paypal directly…


General Horse and Animal Rescue:

The Equine Rescue League – in Leesburg, VA

Middleburg Humane Foundation – in Marshall, VA

Note bene: I always recommend donating to local non-profit rescue groups like the two above as opposed to organizations like the HSUS because a MUCH larger percentage of your donated funds goes toward directly helping rescue animals in need.  The HSUS, for example, allots the vast majority of donated funds to the salaries of their executives and their aggressive advertising campaigns rather than to the animals in need…..


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  1. Equine Rescue Located in Fort White, FL 32038

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