Find a Natural Horsemanship Trainer in Your Area

Fortunately, there are more and more natural horsemanship trainers available than ever before.  Some are certified by other trainers, such as John Lyons or Pat Parelli, and others are teaching some variation on NH that they have developed on their own.  Either way, there is sure to be a good trainer somewhere near you.

How to Find a NH Trainer:

I find the best way is through word-of-mouth recommendation.  Ask your horsey pals who they know and who they like, and go from there.  If you want to see what it’s all about before you commit, I highly recommend going to a clinic of one of the ‘big names” like John or Josh Lyons, Pat Parelli, etc.  If you are lucky enough to live near where there is a Horse Expo, you may have the benefit of seing several well-known NH trainers in one day.  This is a great way to familiarize yourself with NH, and to get inspired to start.

I personally have learned a great deal from Tom Dorrance (now deceased), John Lyons, and a great trainer out in California named Deb Cooper (parelli-trained), all of whom I have worked with in person.  I have also learned a lot from reading books and watching instructional videos of many other NH trainers, such as Ray Hunt, Dennis Reis, Buck Brannaman, Chris Cox, Julie Goodnight, Sylvia Scott, and many others.  If you know which trainer’s style you gravitate toward, you can check that trainer’s website for certified trainers in your area.  Some great websites to check out are:

John Lyons:

Pat Parelli:

Ed Dabney:

Sylvia Scott:

Click here to sign up for Sylvia’s wonderful, free newsletter.  Very informative!

Dennis Reis:

Julie Goodnight:

Deb Cooper :


I am going to start compiling a list of NH trainers by state.  If you would like to be added to this list, please email me at Please keep in mind that I do not necessarily endorse any of these trainers; this is simply a list of those out there. It is up to you to find the one that is right for you.

Sylvia Scott has a great page of trainers here.


Ivonne Gutierrez, John Lyons Certified, Castro Valley, CA


Sylvia Scott

Pam Spearing, John Lyons Certified Trainer

Red Revelle

Page Turner

Paula Danyi

Lynn L Decker

David Yauch

Kenny Harlow

Dan Sumerel

Allen Rasnick

Jamie Dodson

Leslie Gottesman

New York/New Jersey/Connecticut:

Tim Hayes

Dawn Bonin (Connecticut)

New Jersey:

Caroline Rider

Anne-Marie Kaleda –



Josef Millis –


Matt Janzen –


Kevin S.  email: or   715-760-0646

Melanie Moran



Barb Fenwick


Jo Davis  email:

Elaine Polny

New Section: United Kingdom!

Plymouth, Devon:

Suzanne Walsh:

As you can see, there are plenty out there, now go find yourself one!!



21 Responses

  1. Hello
    First off, your website is wonderful and inspirational! You’ve put so much work into including all this information! I had several questions. First, do you think that the LG is a better bitless bridle than the Cook? If so, please explain. I have a Cook myself and find the delay in the release is fustrating. I, however, love that it exerts poll, nose and side muscle pressure an doesn’t just impose pressure in one area. My second question is that I have been having a very hard time finding an NH trainer to work with here in New Jersey. Do you know of anyone at all? Your suggestions would be extremely helpful!
    Thank you

  2. Hi Maria,
    Thank you very much for your nice words about my website! I have been working hard on it.
    You have some good questions! I will try to answer them all as best I can:
    I have not actually tried the LG, but it looks good to me, especially for those who would like a little poll and chin pressure, in addition to the nose pressure. I think it is a good alternative to the Dr. Cook, for those (like you and me) who have found the “hug” of the Dr. Cook bridle does not release fast enough. However, I personally would probably not use the LG, only because my horses are all trained with natural horsemanship, which means they respond to very light pressure from the reins, and I don’t need the additional poll and chin pressure to control them. But, for someone just trying bitless for the first time, or just switching over from a Dr. Cook, it might be a good choice.
    My Riding Halter works by putting very mild pressure on the knot on the opposite side of the nose. It would be nearly impossible to hurt the horse in my halter, even if you were to pull as hard as you possibly could. The knots are really just there to help the horse know when you are pulling, and to keep the halter together!
    You will find that once your horse is trained to go with light pressure, you won’t need anything more than this. I use it even when galloping cross country and jumping. But of course I took the time to teach my horses all the steps to get to that point!
    Now let’s see… a trainer in NJ….where in NJ are you? North or south? I can try to locate one… do you know if you have a preference as far as the style, for example: Parelli, or Lyons? I will see if I can track someone down who is near you.
    Meanwhile, keep I touch, and happy horsing!

    • My name is Michelle Labriola i am a Certified John Lyons instructor based in New Egypt NJ if i can be of any help, to anyone feel free to contact me

  3. Hi Aeron,

    Great work!!! I’ve watched all your horse flipping episodes and I think that they are excellent.

    I’m new at horse owning, i’ve purchased a 3 year old standardbred stallion (I know, not a smart move) but there is a very good explanation behind it…

    Due to my lack of experience and his young and nervous state, i have not been able to work with him. Can you suggest where I start and how to go about it? I was wondering too if you can suggest a trainer for me, in the ottawa/cornwall area.

    Thanks. Mylene.

  4. Hi Aeron,

    I came accross your ‘Flip that horse’ series on Utube and have to say I found it really inspiring. I bred my own gelding who is 3 1/2 now and ready to start riding. I have done some ground work with him but not nearly as much as I should have and he is a little disrespectful to me, quite pushy, doesnt know his boundaries and nips quite a bit. Im going to start using your techniques from the first few episodes to get some respect from him. If you have any other advice I would greatly appreciate it. Unfortunately I dont konw of any natural horsemanship trainers in my area – I live in Palmerston North, New Zealand, but would love to learn what I can! I will be reading all advice from your website!

    Thanks for inspiration. Kathrine:)

  5. natural trainer in/near Nashville Tn?

  6. Hi,
    Hi! My name is Chelsie Kallestad. I am a Natural Horsemanship Clinician and Instructor, and I currently offer Natural Horsemanship Clinics and Private Lessons. I can even come to your home! I also offer a Top Quality Natural Horsemanship Product Line and DVD’s.
    The 5 Components of Chelsie Natural Horsemanship are: Lightness, Politeness, Patience, Consistency, and Confidence in Both People and Horses.”
    Please visit my website to request a FREE DVD, subscribe to my FREE Newsletter, view videos, read training tips, shop, and much more! I hope to hear from you soon!

  7. You may want to add Carol Coppinger, Parelli’s top insrtuctor, here in Mt. Juliet, TN

  8. Hello, I live for the moment in Bolivia, in Santa Cruz de la Sierra and would like to know of any known NH trainer around here, or nearby (argentina? Chile?)
    Thanks a lot


    • Hi, my name is James Rudelhoff. Please take a look at my facebook page… Natural Horsemanship in Spain for more info… I am an Instructor in NH … For me the most important thing is building a relationship between horse and human based on mutual trust, respect and understanding through consistancy, fairness, leadership and most importantly softness. I travel around Europe and offer a wide range of courses, clinics and workshops.. Including demonstrations both private and group. Thankyou

  9. Hello, this is a great website!
    I am also a Natural Horsemanship Trainer located in Fort White, FL . I do colt starting and retraining as well as lessons. We also carry a Line of Rope tack for training.
    go to our website for info and pricing. All profits go to Painted Star Equine Rescue INC. a 501(c)3 non-profit rescue.

  10. HI,I am currently working on a website. I have been around horses since a small child and now into my 40’s. I have done natural horsemanship with a few horses. My morgan mare that I sold, is now comming back~I want to train naturally, and was wondering what I should charge per month?Especially in todays economy. I am a Canadain.

    • It all depends what the local economy will dictate…. ask around in your area what others are charging…. down here in Virginia it can vary a lot, depending on if it’s pasture board, stall board, or a combination of both, plus what services you will provide….. I’ve seen ranges down here from $200 to $1500 per month, so there is a wide variety of options! It will also depend on how many hours per day/week you are working with the horse, etc. I charge $40US per hour to work with a horse, but there are others who charge a lot more!!

  11. i’m highly recommending Donald Newe! He offers World-wide workshops & private sessions, you just need to ask! He is concentrated on achieving more harmony and high quality in the Horse/ Human relationship, without any form of force, cruelty, punishment & dominance!
    You can check out his website for more information:

  12. Hello
    I am not sure how to go about this but I was hoping that a trainer in California could be added to your site, her name is Stella jennison, and one of the best NH trainers, you would agree if you had a chance to work with her. She is out of Sacramento, Ca.
    She is so dedicated to her work and it is so important to her that people understand what it takes to make their horse happy.
    Her journey started when she meet Tom Dorrance and from there she went on to Harry Whitney, who she feels is one of the best out there at this time. She trained with Buck Brennaman, Ray Hunt & Mark Rashid.
    If you are interested please email me at

  13. Hi, I was wondering if you would consider adding a UK section to your Trainers list, and if so would you add me to that list please?

    My site is

    With Reguards

    Suzanne Walsh, All Natural Horses

  14. Hi, Please add me to your uk listing too please. I’m based in plymouth, devon. Web address is
    Am loving exploring your website. xx

  15. Kevin Spaeth Horsemanship. Horse Trainer Kevin Spaeth is an Equine Behavioral Modification Specialist He is also a Wisconsin based horse train yet does nation wide clinics. natural horsemanship trainer

  16. Hi, I would love to be added to your list. I am natural horsemanship trainer frim California, now based in Ireland. I also spent several years training under Deb Cooper! She was fantastic and taught me loads. In a way, I owe my entire career to her. Please have a look at my site, and add it to your list. Thanks! Johanna Dunn

  17. Peter Campbell…. The master, travels all over the country and canada

  18. Is there a natural horsemanship trainer in North Central Ar or South Central Mo ?

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