How To Tie A Stock Tie

Here is some help for tying a stock tie :

A shaped stock tie may have a slit which will go behind your neck… fish one end of the stock through the slit, arrange the slit so it is at the center of the back of your neck, bring both loose ends around to the front. This will allow the tie to lie relatively flat on the back of the neck). Some ties may have a hole for a button to go through at the front as well….:



Take the right end and pass it over and under the left and tighten, leaving the left end hanging down.  Pull the right end up, so that it comes out of the top.  This will set up the knot to be straight…


Now bring the right end straight down in front, and wrangle it around and through the left end, creating a nice square knot with the two ends coming out from the sides…. the knot should be centered and look square….


If you feel like your air is being cut off and you may be choking, you have done it correctly.


Now cross the two ends, one over the other.  Many folks stop here and pin as shown above, and this is perfectly acceptable.  Some go to the additional step of bringing both ends back under the knot and out the top, so that both ends now hang down over the front of the knot.


Cross one end over the other and pin.  The stock pin should go horizontally through both ends and catch the knot as well.  Secure the two ends to your shirt with safety pins.  They will be hidden by your vest or jacket while riding.


I will update this post with info on how to tie a four-fold tie, as soon as I get someone to show me how to do it properly!  : )

Still confused?  Check out this cool ‘how to’ video from my friends Kristin and Lara:


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  1. This has been a Godsend to me. Thank you.

  2. Massive help, thanks very much!

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