Petition the USEF to allow Bitless Bridles

Currently bitless bridles are not permitted in most types of recognized competition in the U.S.  However, as bitless riding has become more and more popular, there is an ever-increasing belief that the USEF should amend the rules to allow bitless bridles.  After all, if I can do anything in a bitless bridle that another person can do with a bitted bridle, shouldn’t I be allowed to compete against him? It has gotten to the point where people like myself who ride bitelss full-time do not compete in recognized competitions anymore.I strongly encourage you to appeal to the USEF to amend the rules to allow bitless bridles in competition. Here is some information and instruction for petitioning the USEF to allow the use of bitless bridles in competition.  I encourage everyone to make your voice heard!

As a side note, I find it amusing that many of those who oppose allowing bitless bridles in competition cite the dressage term “on the bit” as a reason;  they argue that one MUST use a bit, because otherwise, how would one describe being “on the bit?” it is just me, or that about the most ridiculous thing you ever heard? To me, it just underlines the point that the horse has been forced into a false frame to evade the pain of the bit. For an example of what true, natural collection without a bit looks like, check out this video:


2 Responses

  1. The goal is to do no harm. Period.

  2. Hi!

    I’m writing from Sweden (in northern Europe)! 😉 I have heard that bitless bridles are in fact allowed in competitions in Holland! (from november 2008) Good news! Perhaps more countries will follow! Hope you succeed!

    I have to say, I find it a bit (no pun intended) ridiculous to use the term “on the bit”! We do it here also. Stupid! The term should reflect that the horse is working “in the correct form” (shape?). My horse does that (sometimes..) on loose reins… =) I use a hackamore but will possibly buy and try the aeron-riding-halter! One happens to be for sale here! =)

    Lycka till/Good luck!
    Tjenixen! //Anne

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